Who else wants to keep their system secret?

For 15 years I have assembled a system that I think is really good for music and video. My system has been affected by location,income,spouse and reviews from Sound and Vision and Home Theater. Reading almost all forums and not seeing any of my components mentioned has made me feel like I missed something. I am grateful for all I have learned from the forums but I am not sure I want to face them. Who else has a system they are happy with, but would rather not reveal?
Who cares whether you post your system or not. Just look at all of the folks who don't and it for sure hasn't stopped many of them from commenting on everything under the audio 'sun'. If you want to post and and talk about your experience and some a-hole comments unconstructively its his problem. There will be some and there might well be a salemen or two trying to take advantage as well, but thats not your problem - it just goes with territory. Do what ever feels right to YOU! :-)
I hear you, but I think you, and sometimes I, are missing the point. Does it sound good to you? Does it sometimes affect you on an emotional level? Who gives a sh*t if your equiment is ever listed in the forums? If you watch the for sale forums here, everything comes up for sale. If there was an ultimate system, we would all end up buying the same thing. Don't get me wrong, if you hear something that is obviously better than what you have, then find a way to buy it. If you read enough positive reviews, and you want to try it then do it. But it may not be better than what you already have. There is no perfect system for all music. I think you should try to optimize your system for the type of music you listen to the most. As I get older, my tastes have changed, and my stereo system has changed also. Don't be hesitant to reveal your system, but don't feel inferior if it is not the "components du jour" either. All of us are seeking. Enjoy the journey and look forward to the destination. Now I will pour another glass of wine and change the lp.
I don't post my system, but not because I want to keep it a secret. I don't post because it tends to change so often.....it's like trying to hit a moving target. :)


02-07-08: Jmcgrogan2
I don't post my system, but not because I want to keep it a secret. I don't post because it tends to change so often...
Me too.
I've mentioned my gear when it was appropriate. I'm not here to advertise or boast.
I don't post my system, but not because I want to keep it a secret. I don't post because it tends to change so often.....it's like trying to hit a moving target. :)

Ha, Ha! Me too! Mine changed tonight. The virtual system on my page is about 10-15 iterations old now.


I'm with you guys who don't list system because it changes so often.
Heck, as I'm writing this I'm looking out the window for the Fed Ex man :-)
I have never bothered to post my system ... but I do have to admit from time to time I find myself looking at other member’s setups. I tend to start my day on the computer, I will go through the "New Today" list and see if there is anything "too good to pass up" then I occasionally find myself looking at member systems.

Lots of cool setups - lots of millionaires.

From time to time if I have specific issues with equipment I will email someone with the same piece or a similar setup and ask a question. I tend to get annoyed with boastful people and I'm kind of a slob so my system tends to be dusty and the cables are always a mess. Personally ... I'm more into the music and the joy derived from listening to it, not much into the visual presentation.
I don't think it's a matter of advertising, pride, embarrassment, nor boasting. The benefit of posting systems is to share experience. I learn as much from what others have done with their systems as I do from reading fora threads. Isn't the point of this site . . . to share knowledge?

There are systems of all variety, everyone has taken a different approach, weather they're going for an all out assault, or optimizing within a very limited budget, or constantly evolving, or (fill in your approach here). Posting your system if beneficial to fellow members, and actually a useful process to go through yourself (though this can be accomplished on paper as easily as if you use the system posting application) as it causes you to think about what you have and how it fits as a "system".

Weather others are impressed with your system or not should not be part of the motivation. From my vantage point the members of A'gon are mature enough (in general) to be way past this. And if someone isn't mature enough, that's his/her problem.
Some people give and others take - that has always been the way society works. As far as I am concerned, those who share their systems (and risk considerable scorn from self anointed experts) are more of the giving type - confident and open rather than closed and secretive.
People who don't post their systems are the root cause of all that is evil in the audiophile world. There should be a special circle in Hell (right next to the slow left lane drivers) reserved for them. It's like those people who go to a nude beach and keep their clothes on. Right after Congress determines exactly what was being pumped into Roger Clemens butt, I'm going ask them to investigate you guys. Maybe we'll amend the Homeland Security Act and force you to reveal your systems. I can't imagine any real patriot could have a problem with that.
I agree with George (OnHwy61).

It's fun to share this hobby or addiction. We can all pretend it's like going to AA, let's introduce ourselves and share our systems like we do our thoughts and knowledge.

So come on, John, Grant and all of you who aren't showing, you post all of the time and we value your thoughts, show us what you've got.
I've got the Bdgregory syndrome myself, though I do have a system posted thus saving myself from the flaming damnation of Onhwy61's special corner of hell at a slightly lower temperature than those who talk on hand-held cell phones while driving. I still actually own and listen to two of the components of the system I have posted (though even those have been in hibernation at times). It has changed so many times over the past eight years or so that I've not tried to keep up with it. It looks nothing at all like it does in my pics anymore. I don't even occupy that space anymore! I'll update it soon. Never had any need for anyone else's approval. Never bought anything as the result of comments on my system page. I do it mostly as a form of socialization and entertainment, and to stay out of the flaming pits of hell. I enjoy seeing what others do with their systems and rooms. All of the decisions I make about what changes to make I've made with my own ears. I've certainly been steered in productive directions, in that regard, as the result of comments by some folks here in the forums. But those I actually pay attention to are folks with a track record of participation and advice that actually resonates with my own experiences from time to time (a few of whom have already posted this very thread) most of whom I've taken the time to correspond directly with. That said, I neither condone nor condemn your decision to not post your system. God will sort it all out in the end.
Sometimes it is helpful to have an idea of the kind of sound a poster favors in order to understand what he is saying or what he is looking for when enquiring about components.

To me, this is an important reference point when the discussion is about particular products and whether or not they sound good or whether or not they have certain characteristics.

I know this sounds nasty, but, I often look at a poster's system to confirm that they "don't have a clue" about what systems should sound like.
Silverline Audio Sonata III
Belles 150A Reference monoblocks
Atma-Sphere MP-1 MKIII
Modwright Sony 999ES Platinum Signature w/tubed power supply
KAB Technics SL1200 MKII w/Benz Micro Ace Medium
Purist Audio Venustas, Atma-Sphere custom, and Oyaide PA-02 interconnects
Analysis Plus Oval 9 bi-wire speaker cable
Purist Audio Dominus, Lessloss and VD Master power cords
Dedicated 20A circuits
Hydra 2 conditioner

It'll be different two months from now because I'm still dialing in the recently acquired Sonata III, but I can't say how it'll change (because I don't know myself...)

Organic and expansive sound is the goal.
Thanks Grant, you've got a really nice system!

02-08-08: Krell_man
Thanks Grant, you've got a really nice system!

What day is it? LOL!
In the interest of full disclosure, here's today's system (It could change this afternoon):

EVS Level 2 mod'd Oppo 970 Univeral player
Soundstring power cord
RS Audio Silver braid IC

Quad 12L Active monitors
stock power cords
Sound Organizations 24" stands

I'm using the Oppo connected directly to the Quads via it's remote controlled variable output.

That's it! Two Components only at this time. Plays CDs, DVDs, SACD and DVD-As......

Man, do I feel better. It feels like the temperature has dropped 10,000 degrees in here......


Geez, I think that special corner in Hell sounds pretty inviting. Well it's Friday, so today's list looks like:

Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speakers.
BAT VK-75SE amp.
ARC Ref 3 preamp.
Marantz SA-11S1 w/ Ultimate mod from Underwood/pcX.
Basis 2500 Diamond Signature turntable w/ Calibrator base.
Basis Vector 3 tonearm and ZYX UNIverse S-SB cartridge.
Walker Audio Signature phono preamp
Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller.
Jade Audio Hybrid and Vermeil interconnects.
Jade Audio Vermeil speaker cables
Shunyata original Hydra and RSA Danielle PLC's.

Power cords:
Stealth Dreams
RSAD Poiema!!! Signature
DCCA Reference Master
Jena Labs Model One
Kubala Sosna Emotion
Dream State Lucid Dream
Elrod EPS-3 Signature
Audio Horizons Transparency

I'll spare you all the expense of the other various tweaks.

3 systems, always moving stuff around. I put equipment on shelves backwards and sideways for easy access and it doesn't look pretty, so no pics either, maybe one day
Another day, another few souls saved.
I'm probably still going to hell so maybe I shouldn't have given up my reservation.

99% of people, even on here on A'gon, would have no clue what my this sounds like.
Your system is like the window to your audiophile soul.
Without it .....your opinion is life-less & empty.
It doesn't hurt to open up just a little.
Good or bad.....doesn't matter.
I post my system because a few guys here actually put it together for me because of my financial and health reasons and I am super proud of it too!
I haven't posted my system for a very simple reason that I suspect many who frequent these posts share. I have mostly scavenged used pieces when they seem to be an especially good bargain. I feel that for an audiophile to share useful information, a system must be put together with more experimentation; making discriminating choices about synergy, room requirements, etc. One then knows that the "final" elements reflect real choices rather than chance opportunities. That is not to say that I am not happy with my "luck", but I feel that it would not be helpful to anyone else. I do appreciate the posts of people who have had the ability to obtain what they actually like the best. I also, necessarily tend to stay well behind the curve and try to pick up pieces that were raved about 10 to 20 years ago. I am just going to have to live 10 to 20 years longer than everyone else, so I can try to catch up!
Enjoy the music!
It's the posers and liars that don't post their system!!! They don't have one, but lurk around here pretending to be experts. Those people don't even know which end of the plug goes into the wall!

Bunch of MP3 Ipod toting purse carrying losers...

Get a system you panzy's.

Love Nate



No responses. System removed.
And then there is the embarrassment of public exposure... It's going to take more than 10 to 20 years to live this one down.
What me system?
-Alfred E. Neuman
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