Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?

Although I have changed my system substantially in recent years, I still retain both speaker cables and interconnects that I have owned for ~15 years. I use Audience Au24E speaker cables and RCA interconnects, and a Virtual Dynamic David XLR between my DAC and integrated amp.

The system sounds very good, and I am not inclined to make any changes to the cables. Having said that, though, if anyone has used similar cables and found big steps forward without breaking the bank, I'd be interested to read about your experiences.

More broadly, I would enjoy hearing about cables that other members have stuck with for years.
morestereostuff, I agree. I use reasonably priced cables from Silnote, Cullen and Morrow. For me, chasing cable nirvana is a waste of time and money. Just my opinion, I know everything matters.

My old cables Audioquest, diamond ic , sterling Speaker cable, argent, Virtual dynamics 2 pieces,  MIT pc , Marigo Speaker Cables. DCC powercables, Digital purist audio colossus, Kimber agdl digital cable.d60 , monster ic 950i. 
Interconnects - I am still using my Blue Jeans cables I bought 15 years ago, they are the ones I use the most often since I have so many of them.  I also have a pair of Peterson Silver and two pair of Peterson Black cables - the original ones from the early 1980's - I use occasionally but at the moment they are not in any of the systems.   I think Peterson was the original wire guy who started the entire audio cable industry.  Before him, folks just used whatever wire was came the box and wasn't broken!   I also have some unique cables that resulted from some cable engineering work I did for a two cable companies, some of them are in the big system.   I also have two pair of very long, 50 feet, Monster Cable Interconnects that I use for Subs when I need a long run.   I also have a pair of Cardas White Interconnects that are 20 feet long.   I think those are the most frustrating pair I own.   They are always either 5 feet short of what I need or 10 feet too long.   About a year ago, I rearranged the stereo room furniture so I could make up that 5 feet!  They are currently in the big system.
Speaker Cables - I have always made my own, optimizing the parameters for the speakers in question.  I do have a very old pair I made, back around 1977 I think, that I use for a comparative reference for new designs.   It is usually not in any system though.
iopscrl has it right.  Every single one of my cables over forty years has been bought used and, as a result, I've been able to afford lots of Monster's top cables spread over three complete systems for less than the price of one new set.
 I think topaz and quartz? Rca cables.
they still work great! Not the very best, but they have been with me for , must be 27 years ive owned them.  A great company, with one of audios perfect warranties.