Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?

Although I have changed my system substantially in recent years, I still retain both speaker cables and interconnects that I have owned for ~15 years. I use Audience Au24E speaker cables and RCA interconnects, and a Virtual Dynamic David XLR between my DAC and integrated amp.

The system sounds very good, and I am not inclined to make any changes to the cables. Having said that, though, if anyone has used similar cables and found big steps forward without breaking the bank, I'd be interested to read about your experiences.

More broadly, I would enjoy hearing about cables that other members have stuck with for years.
@inna Any experience with Purist Aqueous, or Musaeus Praesto Revision speaker cables?
i dont remember the name of my speakers cable, i only remember that they were better than the other one which i dont recall either...

My interconnect are Morrow 1 and Morrow 3 and they are very good for me...

Cables made a "small" difference.... But the fact that people speak always  about that is explained by only 2 possibilities.... I dont know a third....

Either they have a Top Hi-Fi System and changing cable made an AUDIBLE impact that is big because their mechanical,  electrical and acoustical controls are very good and not only their gear...

Either they have poor embeddings and a not so great system or even a great one, but they never listen to it to his true working potential with vibrations under control, with an electrical grid low noise and a very good acoustic; then they fall for the cables hype upgrading obsession... And  the small audible change is call a great deal for namy hundred dollars....   

Guess what is the more probable possibility?
i"m still happy with my old wires.

Interconnects are Audioquest Audiotruth Amazons primarily, with a few Audioquest Diamond x3 sprinkled in.

Phono interconnect is Graham Engineering IC50 from Graham Phantom arm.

Speaker cables are Amazon Dragons for stereo speakers.  Cheap wire for surrounds.

Power cables are Tice for detachable cords.  I liked the Tice build quality and ignored the treatment hype.
whipsaw, no, no experience with those. Generally speaking, as an analogy, think of Purist fluid cables as 'tubes' and of Ferox as 'transistors'.
I never tried Contego cables, people say that they are just in-between.

Dominus Rev B, which are probably 20 years old. The worst ergonomically but peerless compared to my other cables.