Who does repair work on old Kenwood receivers?

I pulled out my 1975 Kenwood KR 3600 receiver for the first time in about 25 years or so and was amazed that it turned right on. It is very dusty and is missing one of the controls knobs on the front panel. Who and where would get this up to spec's ????? This was my first piece of audio equipment, so there is some nastalgia here ??? Thanks
I really like the 70's Kenwood stuff. If you look at some threads at Audiokarma, a poster named"Echowars" seems to have a good rep for fixing this stuff (or preventative maintenannce-replacing cap's etc). I'm sure others here will chime in. Not sure where you're located- someone may have a tech in your area that they can recommend. Good luck and enjoy!
Ask here:

Any local techie can do it.
DIY is the best. Accurately go through all of the solder joints test with Cx tester capacitance of electrolytics and replace if necessary.
If you send me a pic of the knob I may be able to help you out.
Driver - I wish that I could but not good with the camera - there are pictures online ; Kenwood KR 3600 - this was my first !
OK. Send me an email & I'll send you a pic.