Who does POWER SUPPLY upgrades??

I did a post a couple of days ago asking about the following:::: I have a piece of equipment that has a hard wired "zip cord" and would like to convert to a removeable cord of much better caliber. The back of the case will have to be modified of course and I want a professional job done. As an alternative, I thought that I might just have the new cord hard wired which would probably be easier and in fact should sound better. I think that a company called MSB? does aftermarket mods. I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance and best regards!

I received a good response to this question. Now I want to know about POWER SUPPLY upgrades. Any help on my previous question would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks again!
Contact Andy Bartha, ABA Audio, at http://biznet.maximizer.com/audiomods/index.html
Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. Bill is a former engineer at Conrad Johnson. Will upgrade power supply parts including the rectifier as well as add an IEC if you want that too. Go to http://www.musictechnology.com/