Who does Krell KSA-150 rebuilds/recapping ??

Looking for a qualified Krell tech for recapping / general looking over for potential problems etc. I understand the KSA amp lines "soft start" circuit was a problem being placed too close to its massive transformer. Being a Class A design, would at least like to get it checked out. 

Musicbox78,did you find someone to recap your KSA150? I have a KSA200b that I would like to have done myself and live in Allen Park-would like local. I have used Muse in Ann Arbor with good luck on an Aragon 4004 and Thin Air in Ypsilanti may want to take yours on-mines too big for him to move around... Rich 
spitfun 1

I passed on the KSA-150 and went smaller with a Ksa-50s ..... is working great on my Electron SE speakers. 

Still would prefer the Krell factory if ever needed, they do not seem to respond well. 

*** Anybody with Krell Service info please send along ***
My experience with Krell service was not good.  If you have older equipment pre Dan departure you are probably on your own.