Who does Krell KSA-150 rebuilds/recapping ??

Looking for a qualified Krell tech for recapping / general looking over for potential problems etc. I understand the KSA amp lines "soft start" circuit was a problem being placed too close to its massive transformer. Being a Class A design, would at least like to get it checked out. 

Make sure you do not send it to that guy in Connecticut who was once an Krell engineer, now working in his dumpy house's basement to offer service on Krell, MBL, etc ....


Why not have Krell rebuild it for you. They rebuilt my KSA-250 and I ended up with the single best amp I have ever heard/owned. That simple.

Thank You. Can you offer anymore info on time line and cost ?? It sounds like Krell did you right, which does make the most sense actually. 
Going back a bit here, had the KSA-250 rebuilt by Krell in 2004. From what I remember, took about 2 weeks, something like 3 weeks total with shipping both ways, total cost was about $1k. Past experience with Krell's service department has been nothing short of exemplary.
If anywhere close to Los Angeles, CA, I would use George Meyer AV.

They are very good with Krell, Mark Levinson, Audio Research, etc.

Yeah live in metro Detroit so anything closer to home. Still the Krell facility probably the better option. Thanks all for the info.
Musicbox78,did you find someone to recap your KSA150? I have a KSA200b that I would like to have done myself and live in Allen Park-would like local. I have used Muse in Ann Arbor with good luck on an Aragon 4004 and Thin Air in Ypsilanti may want to take yours on-mines too big for him to move around... Rich 
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I passed on the KSA-150 and went smaller with a Ksa-50s ..... is working great on my Electron SE speakers. 

Still would prefer the Krell factory if ever needed, they do not seem to respond well. 

*** Anybody with Krell Service info please send along ***
My experience with Krell service was not good.  If you have older equipment pre Dan departure you are probably on your own.