Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?

The reason I chose specifically devices with tubes is because, in my opinion, it's much harder to design something good -not to mention gorgeous- looking with tubes and transformers sticking out.

From the ones that I know, which is not a lot, Airtight and Allnic designs stand out in my eyes. Shindo and Atma Sphere, on the other hand, do not look appealing at all. KT-Audio looks beautiful internally, whereas externally it's nothing special...yet?

I'm only asking about design, I don't care about sound :-)
I like some of Don Garber’s (Fi) practical/sculptural designs as well as a couple of David Berning’s older "window display" models.

Also like the plain look (no exposed tubes) of the company (forget their name) currently manufacturing amps based upon David Berning’s less expensive designs.

Though SS the Dayens’ Amino amplifier reminds me of the amps mentioned in the above paragraph.

I liked my early Audion Silver Night 300B amp for it clean understated (half width) looks.

Eva Manley has manufactured some unusual (great looking) gear, but she’s into vintage/modern motor bikes, from what I gather, so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

VAC (Eva’s Ex?) also had a fully caged integrated (85 something I think) that I found attractive.

Aside from the plastic knobs (didn’t fare well over time) I like the later Dynaco PAS preamps with silver faceplates, SCA-35 integrated and the FM3 tuner for their clean/classic look (no need for exposed tubes).

Also, the Marantz 8 (with white dial meter) and Harmon Kardon’s II and V amps come to mind.

Hovland (who is local to me) has a very, very good eye, but the addition of Blue lights killed it somewhat - for me anyway.

Leak and Quad also produced attractive vintage gear.

The tube gear in my setup is awful looking, but as it’s located on the other side of the speaker wall (in a hallway closet) so it’s no big whoop.

Seems I’m all over the map as far as HiFi gear goes, but as far as women (woman) I settled/cemented on Black Irish in the early 90’s and have never regretted it (good Black Irish don’t crack - as the saying goes).

I really like the design of Audio Research top tier line stage & amp. Additionally LTA. Can’t recall the name of the pre that is used to test for Devore Speakers though it looks brutal in a flattering way. 
Everything else mentioned prior. I agree whole heartedly. 
It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Decware makes some good looking gear as well as Line Magnetic. 
The best looking tube gear in my opinion is made by Emotive Audio Design.  The Erato and Epifania preamps especially.
Aries Cerat.
Any product, including DACs