Who did your Eichmann Bullet cable retermination?

I am very interested in trying out the copper Bullets on a spare pair of Harmonic Technology Truthlinks that I have. If you have had your interconnects re-terminated, who did the modification and how much was it including the cost of the Eichmanns? Additionally, any thoughts on re-terminating copper cables with the silver Bullets? Thanks in advance for your posts.
I'd contact Frank at SignalCable.com. He offers Eichmann Bullets as a termination option and might be willing to tackle your project.

The Eichmann banana's that I bought were fool proof for a DIY beginner. I'm pretty sure the other styles are too. I hope I'm not misleading you on this but if they are like the banana's they come completely apart. The large back collar slips on the cable. The copper, or silver contact is removed from the outer plasic piece. Once the copper or silver is soldered into place and cooled you slip the back collar up the the soldered portion and insert/twist the outer plasic. You're done. You cannot melt any of the plastic.
I just received a response from Frank at signalcable.com and he quoted me a great price. Thanks for the great lead Tvad.
You're welcome, Creeper. Frank's a good man.