Who deals Sugden?

I have read a lot about the Sugden equipment, and everything is positive. Who are the dealers in the U.S.? I live in Nebraska. Can I buy direct? Any information would be appreciated.
Stanalog via the web. He is the importer, and sells direct. I have known George Stanwick since the mid 80's and he is a good guy.
google for the correct email, but the company that distributes in the u.s. is 'Stanalog'. they also do direct sales.
try www.stanalog.com

George Stanwick.

Good Luck
Georg/Stanalog doesn't sell Sugden Direct.His Main/favored dealer is the one in NY.
Not to be contrary, but here's an excerpt from the online ordering facility at Stanalog:

"Our products are available through a very limited number of specialist audio retailers. All of our products may also be ordered directly online and can be shipped to any destination in the United States."
Thanks for the info. This is why I always go to Audiogon first for all of my audio questions.