Who can tell me the sizes of a Basis Debut MK-5 ?

I think of purchasing a Basis Debut MK-5 Gold Vacuum. I need to know the total size because I want to get a new silent base from www.silent-base.de.

I hope someone can tell me this soon. Thanks.
Someone here may know but why not email Basis? basis_info@basisaudio.com They have always responded within a day.
Unless Basis has changed their design since my three Debut Gold's, your better off with a Debut Gold IV than a V.

The platter weight was cut on the model V allowing the same platter to be used on several (lower priced) models. I'm sure it makes sense to reduce assembly expense but seems a shame to reduce the quality of the flagship model.

AJ told me the Debut V was better (lower wow and flutter) and we discussed this at length, but in the end my listening tests proved to me, the model V was less dynamic, less "deep" bass and less involving musically than the model IV.

Since then I bought a Walker. It's 75 pound platter has proven itself, providing even greater dynamics and deep bass then the Basis model IV.

In any case the Walker motor controller works on the Walker (obviously) and the Basis Debut IV and V and provides a substantial upgrade. I suggest you try one regardless of which model you go with.
Albert,as someone who could see myself considering a table like the Basis Vacuum,in the future,your comments are quite interesting to me.I will NOW consider this and possibly look elsewhere,when that time arrives.

I intend to sell my home,and business in about 3 years,and am always considering what set-up I will be morphing into,at that time.That is one reason I was so interested in your Megalines with tube crossover,as opposed to SS!I do intend to make some system changes,at that time,and love to ponder what they may be.Your comments,in general,are very interesting.Thanks for being so upfront,and a nice guy overall.
Hello Colibri. Happy to post measurements upon my return home on 8/26. Note the size of the Gold Vacuum is the same as the Debut MK V.

My experience differs from Albert’s. I sold my Debut Gold IV in order to purchase a Debut Mk V Vacuum. Although the Gold had sonic performance along with stellar reliability and a tweak-free nature that was good enough to be my last ever turntable, I jumped at acquiring a MK V Vacuum. The MK V improved upon near every characteristic of the Gold, including better dynamics and bass, and hell yes, the music is exceedingly moving. I would not hesitate at all to give the Debut serious consideration.

Per the platter, I am sure it is possible, though I just don’t recall that there was a difference in the weight of the platters—they are both damn heavy.

Regarding your interest in a Silent base. I cannot read the web site as it is written in German, though the equipment pictured looks exceptional. If you are looking at a Silent stand to house your electronics and the Debut, one of the Silent stands seems like an excellent option. Should you be looking at a Silent base just to provide isolation for the Debut, realize that unlike every other turntable except the $30k SME Model 30, the Debut's unusual fluid damped suspension eliminates the requirement for an aftermarket isolation device or the need for an expensive stand. In that event, you could invest the dollars allocated for turntable isolation into a lot of new (or used) LPs.
Tubes108, all my Basis tables were Debut Gold with vacuum. Auditioned with (3) Versions of Graham arms, (1) Air Tangent 10B and a Triplanar.

Final assessment was with both tables powered by Walker Black Gate motor controller.

If you swapped tables and went from no vacuum to one that has vacuum, that was not an valid comparison. If both yours were vacuum and you thought the model V was superior, I cannot imagine why unless tonearm or set up was altered in some way.

Either way, good that your into analog, your Basis Debut Gold is a top tier performer.
Albert. Hi. FYI: I used the Air Tangent that bettered the 10B & I think came out after the 10B--but I always forget the model number. Previously used the 2B along with its quite nice electronic end of record lift. Sure miss that. I've used various Basis turntables for many years, which is unusual as whenever I upgrade my habit is to switch to a different company. But with the Basis turntables, and Basis the company, I have been consistantly estatic.
I have heard,on numerous occassions,both,the Basis tables mentioned,and especially the Walker.Obviously fine products.I liked both,though the Walker has a greater sense of "Cache",due to renown/latest reviews,and the (always carrying weight,to audiophiles,at least some I know)fact that it is more expensive than most.I'm willing to bet that "accuracy" can be had by either product,as well as quite a few others.

I never state anything I own is the "best I've ever heard",and don't think it bodes well for anyone to do so.There are too many variables ,in this hobby,responsible for that.I have heard SOTA lp sound(SOTA in the final result emanating from the speakers,regardless of less well thought of front ends,though not cheap)from quite a few systems,in my day.I've had friends who have owned top "cache" tables(Versa Dynamics,Forsell),only to move to a more,DREADED,seemingly commercial table in the long run,and like the cigarette smoker who easily gives up after a scare,they realised they loved the new table.

I also remember HP in a TAS article mentioning the Walker was unacceptable at Sea Cliff,due to a "darkening" effect placed on all music it played.Do I believe this?Who knows(other than HP)?A well known reviewer loved the Basis,and dumped it in a heartbeat,when the Walker came along.Would he automatically dump the Walker should he be able to obtain a "RARE,and PRICEY" Blue Pearl.I'll bet yes,and he would find a way to rationalise it as better than the Walker.We are SO fickle,and easily impressed by "more than simple performance" in this hobby.I've seen it way too many times.

I doubt that Albert Porter had his analog Basis rigs out of optimum,when comparing the two versions,but would AJ Conti manufacture a lower quality platter,to make the line more "modular"?Anything is possible.The only thing that IS definitive is that no one has all the answers.Except me!!

That was a joke!!
Sirspeedy--Amen brother.

PS. I never liked the Forsell even when heard in the importer's mega-expensive system. The Walker I heard but not for any length of time. Obviously it was quite good, though the owner tweaked it constantly-as in at the end of every LP, whereas I prefer to setup & listen & not fiddle so much. It is possible it was the owner and not the table that had the need to fiddle so much, I don't have enough contact with the table to know.

Re. the reviewer you mentioned. I recall he mentioned that the Debut Vacuum gets oh so close to the sonic performance of the Walker for 1/3 or so of the price. Keep in mind if you go the Walker route, you will need to also budget for a quality stand or other isolation device, & if you go the Debut route, this is not required.

Per those variables you mention; oh so true. My system sounded spectacular with the AirTangent on the Debut, but replacing the AT with the Basis Vector took the sound (in part due to better tracking) to another level. I sure did not expect the tonearm at the AirTangent level to be a variable.