Who can service my Krell KSA100S

I have a 9 year old Krell KSA 100S. It shut down recently and then when I turned it back on again the front circuit board started to smoke. It then popped the main fuse in the center of the rear plate. I want to avoid taking it to Krell if at all possible, I can't stand the way they do business to be honest. I am located in Dallas, TX but travel to the north-east every week on business. I can deliver and pick up after the repair is complete. I am not looking for a complete overhaul, just a repair so I can sell the unit. Appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks for reading.
As a former Krell owner who only had to used the Krell service to upgrade my old 600 to cast, I wouldn't trust anyone else except a local Krell dealer trained in repairs to fix a Krell. Especially if you can avoid the shipping cost each way by bringing it with you on a plane. I found Krell's service to be excellent, but a littly slow. My two cents.
Contact Terry or Steve at Western Reserve Audio Design {Lakewood,Ohio}216-521-0900.
I have nothing but accolades on Krell's service. They do great work, charges are reasonable if unit is out of warrantee, pleasure to deal with. Just curious; is your reluctance to send it to CT just due to the shipping costs, or have you had a bad exerience with them before?