Who can service Bedini amps?

Hi, I have a Bedini 25/25 1 Meg amplifier that needs to be serviced. I can get any response from Bedini. They have a website but I think they're out of business. Anyone know of a qualified tech who can service this rare amp? Thanks.
It's not that exotic. I would trust it to any well-reputed tech near you.
You might try giving the Shahinian plant a call.For many years, they recommended Bedini amps to drive their unusual speakers. I believe Richard Shahinian was a friend of the Bedinis.
John Bedini’s has a company called Energenx. http://www.energenx.com
They are located in Idaho at 208 – 772 – 3303.
Bedini still fixes the amp you have.
Give him a call.
Thanks all. Doug, I've tried numerous times to contact john bedini including the number you provided. Never got a response. I've read some customers who sent him their amps for repair and never got them back or took years. I've decided to go with Jon Soderberg of Threshold fame.
I had Tom at Brooks Berdan Ltd. work on my 25/25. But it was just replacing the binding posts with Cardas', and adding a simple r/c filer x/o on the input jacks---there was nothing wrong with the amp. Do you have a schematic of the circuit? Tom is a professional EE, and has worked on just about everything. Brooks had Tom do all his electronic work.
I don't have the schematics but my amp is in
Jon's hands now.
Dracule1 this is great. Did Jon answer the phone at that Energenx he works at.
My amp is with Jon Soderberg, not John Bedini. Never was able to contact Bedini.
I service my amps The Energenx phone is not answered as it is way back in the shop and we are very busy all the time with Solar Chargers. Gary will answer you by E-mail  at [email protected] Energenx has nothing to do with my amplifiers
John Bedini

I enjoy a 45/45 in Chile. Great amp!

I need info in order to keep the superb level of sound.

transistor replacement?, schematics ? bias?

my email is marianisimo (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks a lot, in advance!