Who can repair a Resolution Audio CD-50???

I bought my Resoluton Audio C-50 on Audiogon about 6 months ago. It's as nice-sounding as I had hoped it would be and it has the added advantage of having a quality internal volume control, allowing me to go from it straight to my amp. It has just developed a fault: when a disc is inserted the readout says "err." So there's something wrong with the disc drive. I contacted Resolution Audio and they responded that it is unlikely they can fix the unit as the Philips drive unit they were putting in the CD-50 and CD-55 is cheap junk and, in any case, is no longer available. They suggested that they might be willing to take the unit back with some credit toward purchase of their latest CDP...oww! Retail of this model was $3000. It's hard to believe that it is now useless trash. Anyone know where I can get it repaired? Many thanks.

Try out Steve Huntley at www.greatnorthernsound.com. You might tell him that Henry refered you.
How old is your unit? I'm not sure about this, but I believe there are laws about how long a company has to support a product after it is manufactured. I work in the medical equipment business and we have to provide support for our products for at least 7 years. Perhaps there are similar laws about consumer electronics. Maybe some of the lawyers in the group can enlighten us.
The response from Resolution Audio is very disappointing. In my opinion, they should either repair your unit or provide a less costly upgrade to the newer unit. If the Philips drive is no longer available or cannot be repaired, your unit has no value and this is a poor reflection on Resolution Audio, their products and lack of customer support. I suggest you call Resolution Audio again and request they attemtpt to repair the transport or provide you a new unit at their cost.
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I owned a resolution audio CD 50 and it seemed to roll off at the high-end somewhat. After hearing this I'm glad I sold it and bought a used Krell KAV-300 CD. I kicks the pants off the resolution CD 50 in every aspect, bass, midrange sweetness, impact, noise floor, sound stage, It also has a more detailed high-end without any harshness.
My resolution cd 50 did the same thing. I paid $1200 and upgraded to the opus 21.Sent in the old cd 50
Streetdaddy, you're a lucky lad. Mr. Kalt offered me a new Opus 21 for my CD 50 plus $1500...don't know what he's got against me! Just to update you folks: one of our pals on AudioGon has an audio electronics business and offered to attempt a repair to my CD 50 at a reasonable labor cost if I can locate a replacment transport (my CD 50 has a Philips CDM 1210 made in Malaysia). Another AudioGoner in the U. K. beleives he can supply such a unit. You all are great...thanks so much for your suggestions and sympathy!
Lest it be thought that Mr. Kalt of Resolution Audio is not at least somewhat sympathetic I need to add here that I've had two personal and detailed communications initiated by him which reveal his concern and frustration over this issue. It appears Philips left him in a lurch with regard to the transport used in the CD 50, forcing him into a redesign of his product to incorporate a CDROM drive which can readily be replaced if needed. Resolution Audio very neary went out of business because of this. Still, I remain chagrined over my own loss here...it remains to be seen whether I can locate a replacement transport for my CD 50. If I could get the deal Streetdaddy got I would likely bite the bullet and go for the exchange...comments so far tout the new Opus 21 as an exceptional CDP.