Who can repair a C.E.C. TL-1X CD Transport?

My C.E.C. TL-1X transport suddenly stopped working--it shows a "0" and won't spin a disc to read it, and needless to say won't play it. Parasound used to do warrantee and other repair work on these units, but no longer does. They referred me to Mutine in Quebec, but if there's anyone competent to do the repair in the USA, I'd much prefer that. Someone I asked thought there was someone in California, which is where I am myself, but couldn't remember the name. I thought there was a bare chance that one of my fellow Audiogoners would know, hence this thread.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice or give me a name to contact.
Nick Gowan at True Sound, www.tsound.com (408) 370-7578, Campbell Ca.
Nick Gowan is the man. I got his name from Mutine. He is the factory authorized repair person for the U.S. A real nice guy. Fixed my TL-1X.
By the way, did you try more than one disc? Don't mean to sound like I think you don't know what you're doing, but a couple of times (like yesterday, too!) I put in a single layer SACD and it read 0 and wouldn't play. Also, it doesn't play certain brands of CD-R's. Mine will play Maxell, but not Memorex, sometimes have problems with Fuji.
Nice system, I used to run an Audio Logic M-34 with my CEC.
Sounds like the loader/Transport belt is weak or slipping and not lifting cd into position to spin and be read.[Most common problem with transports]I'm not familar with your transport.A little Toothpaste on the belt/pullys is a tempory fix.I live in a rural area and bought a common O-Ring at a hardware store and used for a belt.Works great.Hope this helps,JD
Thanks, Rx8man. There's great synergy between the CEC & AL.
If Nick Gowan can't help,you might try Reference Audio Mods (AGon Username).