Who can mod my pre-amp with an xover

Hello boys and girls,
I am beyond frustrated ant this point with my little and very expensive hobby here please let me know if you can help. I have been on a crusade to find an appropriate and ideal active crossover for my system (Anthem CD-1, Anthem Pre-2LSE, Two AMP 2's, and Martin Logan Monolith III "speakers".) The reason for my search started with the non-availability of the Exos crossover from Martin Logan. Then I made the MISTAKE of trying to lear about what I really wanted. (Ignorance was bliss, I wish I could have just bought the Exos from Martin Logan!!!)

I really just need a 2 stage crossover, because of the Monolith design integrating the electrostatic panels with a single bass woofer. The factory active crossover spec is 125 Hz at 18dB which implies a 3rd order crossover. This is seemingly non-ideal for my application because of phase concerns (sorry Martin Logan, maybe this is why you do not make the Exos anymore!)

So I have ben looking at several different active crossovers including; Krell, NHT, Bryston, Marchand, DBX, Behringer, Lynn, Merridien and quite a few custom jobbies as well. None of the shoes fit!

I would really like balanced ins and outs. A tube stage would be great. A first order of fourth order might be the best for me. I am concerned about adding noise to my system, and losing transparency.

It seems that everything I try to do to strengthen the design, compromizes the potential of the project.

Another consideration is actually aethetics, I do not want to add two more ugly boxes to my rig (I have 4 somewhat ugly boxes already - but boy do they sound sweet!!!)

What I would like to do at this point, if you can help me find someone up for the project is:

1) purchase a "new" Pre-1L
2) have someone modify the pre-amp:
a) removing the component selection slot
b) dedicating the box to a single input
c) deleting the rca in and outs
d) adding a balanced in and out
e) adding a fourth order 2 stage crossover @125Hz
f) replacing the component selection slot with a low/high potentiaion for volume low and high

Sick, I know, but this might make me happy, and sound pretty killer.

So, and thanks for hanging in there, who can I find to do this mod?

I am all ears.
Talk to Albert at Space-Tech labs. They have balanced tube pre-amp amd will build to your spec's I have been told with built-in X-over.


I have read that their products are very good but have never listened myself.