who can fix technics EPC-100c vintage cartridge

i need help recommending places or person who can service my technics EPC-100c cartridge , i lost the cantilever. if anyone know where the sylus replacement are available or who can fix them please help direct me ..

Dear Voraratc: Very good cartridge, I own the MK4 version. SoundSmith can help you to fix it, VdH can do it too.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Do u know how to contact vdh. I dont have his email. Thx
Vorarats, You can 'contact' Van den Hul only via Van den Hul dealers. Even I in Holland have no other way. But I don't see the reason why I should pay an intermediary who
has nothing to do with the actuall repair and only increases the costs of the repair. I am not sure why Raul avoided to mention Axel in Germany. You can contact him direct and ask your questions : www.schallplattennadeln.de