Who buy PS AUDIO ?

Please share your audio (gears) back ground and how long have you been an audiophile?
What or why do you like PS Audio products? What type of audience?
I’ve been watching Paul McGowan on Youtube, I just gotta to give this man so much credits on such valuable info he’s sharing with us audiophaniatics. I do love the guy to death.
I really want to support his business, I really do, but they aren’t cheap either (BHK-300)
Off you go, share your experience with PS AUDIO.
very happy with DirectStream DAC and transport...owned a PS preamp 30 years ago that was quite good for it's price,,,the S300 amp is very good too
Very happy with m700, s300 and twin sgcd’s. sound is amazing and they compete with gear seemingly twice as much. Trade-in program in the US and direct sales as well keep prices lower than competition. Also assembled in the US and Paul seems to be a great guy. (He is also a quite accomplished writer and love his book.)
Customer service is also excellent as far as I can tell, this is exactly the kind of company I want to do business with.
Owned a PS Audio Direct Stream Dac and compared it to a Audio Note Dac and posted the Direct Steam up for sale that day.  Have also had the BHK preamp in house for a audition and passed on it as well....lots of money for a touch over average performance. 
I have a DirectStream DAC and am totally happy with it.  I also have a Stellar Gain Cell DAC, employing both the DAC and preamp elements, in a second system, and I'm very satisfied with it as well.  I tried a pair of M700 Monoblocks and didn't really like those - they sounded rather thin.
I second the sentiment about their excellent customer service.
I own the PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 12 and I love it.  Really made a difference in my system.