Who build's Hybrid Integrated's wth Remote??

I am just trying to find out the manufacturers building good hybrid intergrateds with remotes. Even fully balanced, no price range. Prefer 75 watt per channel and up. Please list all the manufactures you know of(if you know Several).
Sonic Frontiers make the INT2. I think it's at least 100 watts. I'm not sure though.
Twin Pathos 75 w sounds & looks beautiful
check out the Pathos classic one or the (soon to be renamed ) twin towers on our showcase on audiogon ... great amps .. both remote control

Anthem Integrated 2

Pathos Classic One and Twin Tower (classic One is 50 watts@8 ohm, 95 watts@4 ohm)

Unison Research SR1

The Unison and Pathos are both available from Audiowaves-http://www.audioshopper.com/audiowaves/ . They currently have an SR1 demo on sale.

I previously owned the Anthem. It was perfectly competent, but not a giant killer.

Joule Electra makes the VAMP, but I'm not sure if it's available with remote, or not.
JoLida 1501RC, 100wpc. GREAT bargain. You can check out more info at www.responseaudio.com.
Kora also makes one- I think it is called the Explorer
Musical Fidelity makes the Nu-vista m3 which uses nuvistor tubes in the pre amp section. It has a remote but it is very cheap considering the cost of the unit. Excellent sound though.
I second the musical fidelity. Incredible piece.... power and quality at an affordable price. Cant be beat.