Who besides TAP can repair an Esoteric UX 03-SE

My Esoteric UX 03-SE player's drawer was having difficulty opening and closing over time and finally stopped working altogether.  I was wondering if any other Audiogoner has sent their player to anyone other than Tap for repairs. I'd prefer not to ship it cross-country if possible. I assume Tap has the expertise and maybe the only access to repair parts but I thought I'd ask before I send it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Skip
Perhaps, you should say where you are located so someone can suggest a nearby service location.
Sorry, I live in Beaufort, SC which is a small town on the southeast coast not too far from Hilton Head and about 50 miles from Savannah, GA. There isn't much around here to say the least, but it's beautiful!

No doubt that TAP are the Esoteric experts. A second consult is Bill Thalmann of Music Technology in Springfield VA. Phone: 703.764.7005

Happy Listening!
Thank you sir. I appreciate the input. Virginia is a whole lot closer to South Carolina than California. I'll reach out to Bill to see if he can help me.
Music Technologies is terrific.  They do good work on CD/SACD players, although I don't know specifically about Esoteric.