Who are your three favorite female singers?

I have favorites, but would like to hear from others.  Thanks
I posted earlier but I forgot to mention this 14-year-old girl who deserves to be mentioned and she sings yellow brick road better than Elton her name is Angelina Jordan
Just found Samantha Fish on Youtube great vocalist and blues guitarist. Great energy in her performances. If you like her try Anna Popov
Beth Hart after she hooked with Joe Bonamassa. The vibrato in her voice is amazing. 
Nancy WilsonCarly SimonClare Torry who sung The Great Gig in the Sky, from Dark Side of the Moon
@ sondeknz Julie London had a small voice and occasional pitch problems.  She still sounded very sexy.  

As to a female performance which always gives me goose bumps/makes me cry is Beverly Sills in The Ballad of Baby Doe.   There are five fabulous arias and then the one which ends the opera is phenomenal.   An American opera based on historical facts.  Tremendous feeling as well as superlative singing.
Linda Ronstadt
Jennifer Warnes
Christina Aguilera (not really for her music, but for her vocal skills)