Who are your three favorite female singers?

I have favorites, but would like to hear from others.  Thanks

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Thanks to all.  Your responses are giving reasons to buy some more music!  

Thanks for your posts.  I am happy to say I have music from nearly all posted.  I have enjoyed Stacy Kent on some NPR shows over the last few years.

I, and nobody, knows how things will play out over the next few years.  So many small businesses that are vital to the arts, including music performance are....and I am so sorry to use this word,...dying. 

Famous Blue Raincoat is, perhaps, my most played album and CD since its release.  The songs of Leonard Cohen.  

I have been lucky enough to have friends and relatives that bought the album/cd and now it is one of their favorites. 

Well recorded enough to be a good "test" piece for evaluating components.....but simply well written songs done in superb fashion. 

I had the pleasure of seeing Heart live and the Wilson sisters were in their prime and just nailed the performance.  It was in an acoustically great performing arts center at a Big Ten school...quite a night.  It was some time back, as their warm up/lead in act was The Little River Band. One of the best live events I have seen. 
Perhaps my favorite live events were the three times I saw Jackson Browne. 

Good to see Jennifer Warnes mentioned.  Her "Famous Blue Raincoat" album/cd has been an often played favorite of mine since it was first released.  It is a collection her singing the songs of Leonard Cohen. 

Lani Hall may not be considered with some of these others, but I enjoy the one cd I have that she made. 

Thanks to all.  So many great thoughts and female singers.  Thanks also for adding June Christy

millercarbon, thanks for the mention of "The Well", that is one I do not have, but will get.  
Emmy Lou Harris had some great experiences at Hancher in Iowa City and seemed to have affection for the town/place.  
jachan,  June Christy is like a great glass of champagne....perhaps a bad comparison. 

fleschler,   Thanks for listing Marian Anderson, just an outstanding singer and as I remember, really no one else quite like her. 

Likely not for everyone or even on this list, but I do find "Somewhere In The Stars" by Rosanne Cash an enjoyable CD.   Worth a listen.