Who are your three favorite female singers?

I have favorites, but would like to hear from others.  Thanks

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Opera - Claudia Muzio      Rosa Ponselle      Roberta Peters
Pop - Ruth Etting      Ella Fitzgerald     Judy Garland

@ sondeknz The question was top 3, not a list of 90.   I have 42,000 LPs/78s/CDs.  I chose my top three from recordings dating back 100 years, of which 20% have female singers.  I don't doubt you prefer nearly all contemporary singers but there have been more accomplished singers over the period of recordings (although you mention Fitzgerald and Garland).

@tyray  Yes, she was a phenomenal singer.  Marian Anderson was comparable as a Black spirituals singer (American folk) as well as an outstanding opera and classical recital singer.  
@whatjd I have 7 LPs and 11 CDs (some double LP sets) of June Christy.  I guess she is second to Ella in my 50's-60's female jazz collection (Ella-17 LPs and 15 CDs).      
davidm238  Only my sister would agree with you (collects all Streisand since she was a child).  
@ sondeknz  My mistake, you didn't mention Garland.  I heard Stacey Kent.  A small, thin sounding voice.  I prefer fuller sounding voices with a wider frequency range.  Judith Durham was okay, had pitch problems when she sang.   I might as well list June Christy, Jeri Southern, Dinah Washington, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday as some of my jazz favorites.  Dorothy Kirsten, Rise Stevens and Conchita Supervia (Spanish songs) as great crossover opera - pop singers 
@ sondeknz Julie London had a small voice and occasional pitch problems.  She still sounded very sexy.  

As to a female performance which always gives me goose bumps/makes me cry is Beverly Sills in The Ballad of Baby Doe.   There are five fabulous arias and then the one which ends the opera is phenomenal.   An American opera based on historical facts.  Tremendous feeling as well as superlative singing.
@tyray Yes, Elizete Cardoso sang beautifully and I have many albums from the 50's/60's Brazilian song and jazz.   
An earlier Brazilian favorite of mine is Elsie Houston. who had a very wide vocal range (she trained with 2 tremendous sopranos) and was THE Brazilian folklore musician of her generation. 
Here are some samples
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LmDbDA2Xms collection with piano
The complete Elsie Houston is available on Marston Records
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