Who are your favorite custom amp builders for low powered triode amps?

I'm curious to learn from you all whose amps you are using and loving. 

I am currently loving my Alan Eaton 45 monoblocks, but I see pictures of amps from other builders that look sensational.

What are you using? What can you share about the amp? Any information would be appreciated.


I have really liked my Aric Audio Super 300B SET.  


I am also a big fan of Brandon Wade's amps.  I have a custom 2A3 amp from him that I really like.  He has been finalizing the design of an 811 amp that is higher power but still SET.  I heard the prototype and liked it too.


Decware offers the finest triode amps available at a reasonable price. The hitch is that you have to be on a long waiting list unless you buy used, which is a great option. 

The only drawback to buying these simple basic amplifiers from boutique companies is they do not stay in business very long, leaving you with an orphaned product that has poor resale value when you decide to upgrade.  Having said that, I have owned SETs from Sophia Electric for the past 20 years and recommend them.  They carry in house all the parts you might need to retube or modify your electronics and are available for personal consultation.  Great company!

You never know who will be around tomorrow…. Hopefully most builders and small companies  with a good following survived COVID.   That really hurt small companies that buy electronics in smaller quantities.   Plus a lot of businesses temporarily shut down losing skilled workers.  

I have not heard Aric Audio or Don Sachs amplifiers, but, just what I've seen on their websites they do appear to be interesting builders.

There are a number of small builders that make good gear, e.g., Atmasphere, Lector, Synthesis, Shindo, but I don't know how much customization is involved.  The builder of my linestage, Aldo D'Urso, normally did not offer remote control of volume, but I wanted it so he built it that way.  I also specified balance control.  I wanted output transformers to match the input transformers on my amp ( I had choice of transformer output, capacitor output or a switchable choice of either).  I had choices on components used in the build; I chose the not-crazy-expensive Western Electric output transformer (I know another buyer who chose $20k output transformers in his linestage and battery power, and other high priced options).  I did not bother to specify anything about the chassis and cosmetics, so I ended up with "ugly," which I actually like.