Who Are You? or should I say "who were you?"

I usually read and do not reply to these posts; but after some family reunions the last month was curious "Who are you?" I will say that my family members are very familiar to most everyone in the U.S.; will list at later my relatives. Hope this makes some of you smile a little, Charlie
I'm the same hard-line, hard-core, Lp spinnin', low-power tube amp runnin', single-driver speaker playin', SOB that I was a few months ago when I answered the last thread like this. Except maybe more so, now that I've totally ridded the household of the dreaded digital disease(DDD). No more CD's for this cowboy. No remote controls, no LCD displays. Just analog and tubes, and one speaker driver per channel. And that's stereo(2 channel to you HT folks). Guess that makes me kind of a renegade, huh? If I'm gonna talk-the-talk, then I've gotta walk-the-walk, right? And lovin' it!
Well, I used to be the world traveling (lived in europe and the middle east for most of my most impressionable years) MTV watching cyberpunk intellectual genie wearing ex-patriot photographer who was listening to my discman or car stereo 24/7 when not at home and my home theater when at home. Used to only listen to 78 punk, industrial, and dm/cure/smiths type bands. Now that I am 28, I am a conservative khaki wearing gadget addicted (pocket pc replaced the discman, but it has a 512 mb card for mp3's in it) digital imaging workflow designer/network administrator who now only travels to Mexico City to see my fiancee. While I still listen to music 24/7, since finding audiogon I spend less and less time with the home theatre and more and more time with my 2 channel system (to the point where I am thinking of selling off all of my HT). My musical interests have been slighly altered, I still listen to the music I did when I was young but I don't listen to the radio now or buy cd's of newer music unless it is rock en espanol. I find I don't really identify with any of the music they play on MTV or VH1, VH1 classic is what I watch. Used to watch a lot of TV, now I like nothing better than to kick the stereo on, find a good book to read (expensive since I can read a whole book in 1 night) or just listen to my stereo with my dog skyler, a norwegian elkhound. My family sees me quite differently now, while I still yearn to live abroad I have one destination in mind and have settled down quite a bit. But music is still the common thread that runs throughout everything in my life. Without music I would not have met my fiancee, the woman who had changed my life most profoundly and caused me to challenge what I used to think was important.

I sometimes think I'm the only person in Idaho that loves music enough to invest in quality home playback. I'm a two channel guy and, like Twl, spin vinyl. I do have a CDP to play back the small digital software selection I own. About 30 years ago I must have frightened my wife with my demands on handling and cleaning my vinyl library. She has yet to play a record. I figure I must keep something she can listen to by herself when I'm not home. No, I don't think I threatened her in any way since she is my biggest supporter in this madness. I've owned tubes and horns, but love British solid state. Going active has been like finding religion. I don't have family members that anyone outside our close circle of acquaintences would know. I've never owned a new car having chosen instead to build my own. I drag race, fly fish, and cling closely to my small family. I'm getting older and developing an attitude about idealogues of any kind, no matter the topic. My personal motto is, "all things being equal, fat people use more soap". My best advice: when in doubt, buy software.
Got home today an saw the post and was not impressed with my communication skills. Had thought it obvious while talking to my sister on the phone and typing at the same time. My intention had been "who were you relatively (meaning relatives!); and i missed. Anyway, have found out that my relatives i referred to are Francis Scott Key on my mothers mother side and George Armstrong Custer on my mothers father side. Sorry about the poor wording in the post, Charlie
Don't sweat it, Charlie. You're not the only inarticulate Texan.
My, my, that makes this even more difficult, Texan. Under this new light, I'll have to ponder the question a bit... under the perspective, "given your relatives, who the h*ll are YOU"?
Thanks for the responses guys, feel as though i have a little more in common with the people here. I usually just read the posts and never chime in, my work keeps me out of town frequently. Who i am? No one special, the famous must have run out by my arrival! I enjoy some of the same mentioned earlier in this post, outdoors, hunting/fishing (wanting to learn to fly fish), music-mostly classic hard rock,and my family. I also leave my music on 24/7 and only turn it down when asleep, have bought two new vehicles before but now own nothing newer than a 1974 IHC Scout. Best to everyone, Charlie
I'm a recovering Catholic who barely escaped seminary unscathed. So had to get into drugs 'n drink and blow up a career in laboratory equipment design (ever heard of the Pipetman?...that's my baby) and a premature marriage to get over it. A decade later I married an older secular NY Jewess and returned to hands-on work, and am now comfortable enough to revisit my familial Catholic clergy ancestors and their stories of miraculous cures and unexplained phenomena. A maternal aunt started and ran an order of nuns, and was responsible for building several hospitals in the 70-80s, staffing them with young maidens she recruited from the third world, teaching them nursing, and then sending most back to establish clinics in their homelands. A true unsung heroine, and an early mentor....

So I've come a bit full circle, trying to wear life like a loose coat amidst my recovering-Catholic history and current quasi-serious Tai Chi practice. Life's pretty good, but WHY do I have to keep tweaking my system? Aaargh!
Subaru: Tweak system, tweak oneself, keep alive. Come closer to one's self... as in meeting the recorded musical performance, meeting with oneself. No?