Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?

Been some banter the past couple of days about bad experiences with a couple of the "Boutique Amplifier and  Speaker Builders"

So I am posing the question of these " Boutique Builders" , who of them have been stand up guys and gals taking care of business for you.

Some may find this information helpful in the processes of making a purchasing decision.

I will say that Upscale Audio has been standup in  the past with an Issue I had with a Pathos Amp and got me fixed up fast.
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I've had good luck working with the service guys at Kimber Kable. I had an ancient Kimber power cord that they couldn't repair, so they just sent me a new one. Recently they re-terminated a pair of bi-wired speaker cables. They work fast, and their prices are reasonable.
I think it's great to see a list so long of great individuals involved in our hobby as manufacturers or retailers. It says something positive.

A personal shout-out for Jeff Rowland, a true gentleman and devoted to his craft. I have nothing but respect for him as an individual, and as a superb audio designer (sadly, I own nothing).
Jeff Rowland
Mark Cole- Antipodes
J. Tull’s second LP.
Clapton's third solo LP; "There's one in every crowd"

Mike Morrow. Great product with additional set up advise. Mike provided addition discount and burn in time just to improve my experience.                                                
F-me! The PT Barnum of audio. Thankfully once I called him out he stopped advertising $4,000 cables on featured products of this Board's sales site. 
I am fortunate to be dealing with 2 very approachable companies that currently have deposits from me on new/upgraded audio gear. Salk Sound and SMC Audio. I currently have a pair of Song3 Encores on order from Salk (Predicted finish time February), and SMC is completely gutting and rebuilding my DNA-1 amp with an extensive rebuild. I can’t wait to hear this combo when they are hooked up together!! Both Salk and SMC have been outstanding to work with. I never felt like I was bothering them when I contacted either with questions. Both of these present very high value for money spent.