Who are the Kings of Audiogon?

Based  on number of posts: Jeff Kaitt, Elizabeth,Oregon Papa etc....
Are you referring to Audiogon's reigning theoretical physicist? He may take exception to the downgrade. 
When it comes to technical knowledge, hands down Almarg, but I enjoy reading Geoffs posts probably more than any other member on this site.

I agree that Al is great - one of the site's best contributors. But we have no kings or other royalty here ... although we may have a few court jesters.
There are none just some Princes maybe.
There are some Princesses, I’ll grant you that.
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I am not so sure who is King or Queen of Audiogon.

But there are many clowns here.

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I am not so sure who is King or Queen of Audiogon.

But there are many clowns here.

^ Heh.
I was trying to "lighten" things up since many threads seem to become contentious. I don't care for that direction.

I strongly disagree with your preposterous assertion that so many threads become contentious!

Geoffkait got my vote for most entertaining posts ever. King of Neverdull! 
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With all due respect @geoffkait is our Court Jester. ;p
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You are all Kings & Queens, Game of Thrones is over though.. 
Geoff is the funniest for sure.  I messaged him last week to vote him in.

Dave and Troy are the most annoying.

George and Elizabeth are really helpful and friendly.
geoffkait 15,378 posts

You have to hold the record for the most number of posts.
He is working hard to outrun mapman. However, mapman does not seem to have such a loud presence at his 15 790 posts, of which it is hard to find a bizarre one.
Maybe mapman is like "The Dread Pirate Roberts" .A new one takes over every few years:)
As far as most entertaining, I would have to say @ czarivey makes me laugh the most! Where have you been lately @ czarivey?
Killed the czar and his ministers.....
I just want to declare that from now on I am absolutely going to step up my game.

I vote for that crazy dude doing the long list of amplifiers thread!! Just teasing....would love to party with him sometime. :)
Monty Python: 

"It must be the king."


"He hasn't got sh!t all over him."
The Wolf. I can tell he rocks and has a great sense of humor. 

read this thread last night and mean to respond... 

erik is a good blend of informed, provocative, helpful, opinionated, and responsive..... asks questions that tilt the normal expected forum themes 90 degrees or so at times... appreciates well measured products but is not a pure objectivist.... finally he is relatable as he is about value and has no need to buy the most expensive audio jewelry.... I often feel out of place here as I can’t just pop down to the store and drop $20k on gear (noble careers often punish the pocket book).. Sooooo Erik, kudos and thanks from a less than deep pocketed audio-neurotic!!

I strongly object to your assertion. You my friend are extremely contentious or is it conscience and I clearly have absolutely KNOW proof, but I am willing to stick my little tow out ( not very far ) and say that if you do not consider me the ruler ( due to my vast lack of knowledge) I will dull the guillotine, ( glad there was spell check for that word ) and you will....where was I?
Finally I would add more bass busters in your corner, assuming you have a corner....
Nobody voting for no-think? How surprising!
Thanks so much for your kind words, @birdfan

The NY Mets season tickets I promised are in the mail!

@soundsrealaudio said: "glad there was spell check for that word"

What happened to the spell checker for the entire rest of that post? ;-)
The moderators 

They are after all a substance, as graphite or
heavy water, used to slow neutrons to speeds at which they are more efficient in causing fission.

Google it 
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A king has his reign and then he dies. - Prometheus 
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Regardless, remember the quote from Samuel Clemens, "Common sense is the most uncommon sense of all."

And, viridian, I'm going, I'm going!
I bowed before Goddess Elizabeth. Is it ok if I rise up now?
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@elizabeth Are you one of the Old Gods or the New?
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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...