who are the best people to do equipment mods?

I have a question?

who are the best people/companies who do mods to existing equipment?

my personel experience is Rich Shultz at EVS who did a wonderful job with the Millenium II dac. A really wonderful and very musical piece. And Ric is a great guy but a bit swamped! I'll have him upgrade my system when I am ready for a universal transport!

Ric's website tweakaudio.com

I am currently looking at having Steve Huntley of GReat Northern SOunds do work on my ARC preamp and my transport. I heard great things about his Cal and ARC upgrades. Steve worked with Cal, Audio Research and Wadia and from what I hear he can take their pieces and make them sing even more musically. I'll let you know my findings

His website www.greatnorthernsound.com
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There is always Stan Warren (Supermods) in Oregon who will also be busy.

Then there is Dan Wright (Modwright) at http://www.modwright.com

Also Channel Islands Mods (Dusty Vawter)

For power supplies, other tweeks, and repairs of vintage gear there is Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. Bill is a former Conrad Johnson engineer, so is a great choice for CJ and similar

I totally concur in Sugarbrie's recommendation of Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. Bill is a superb individual who approaches upgrades conservatively, thoughtfully and with great consideration.
My vote goes to John Hillig of Musical Concepts (check out www.musicalconcepts.com). In addition to his mods, he also sells great, inexpensive cables.
I cant compare him to others, but I have heard Dan Wright's hot rodded tube output stage ES-777 in my system. Dan lives here in Portland. I thought it sounded better than my scd-1. Best CD playback I've heard. Nice guy too. See www.modwright.com.
I also concur that Bill Thalmann of Music Technology is the man for the Job. He has made mod's to my MC240's and CJ P2. He has also done a great job at repairing many of my other gear!(DAT,cd player, power amps). He is a great guy! He is also very busy.
Great Northern Sound did a great job with my Cal Delta: quieter, great soundstage, more detail through the spectrum. Was a quantum jump in performance. Quick turn around. Nice guy to boot. Answered all my questions by phone and e-mail
Hola. I have dealed with Dusty Vawter from Channel Island (MSB Link-I and Monolithic Sound HC-1) and with Dan Wright from ModWright.com (NAD C-540 as a transport). Both are very responsible and with great knowledge on their areas. Dan is more accesible and he give a constant follow up and keep in track with the equipment progress. Also, Steve McCormack is a terrific guy to deal with.

I think we are lucky to count with such kind of professional people.

Good luck.

Richard Kern (www.audiomod.com) did a great job modding my Sony 333ES player. Not sure what else he works on but its worth looking into for a quote.