Who are some of elite sub woofers?

Looking to replace Klipsch 12d

So many choices.
Right, harley. Because of the physical impossibility of EVER finding the right ONE.

Its simply physics. Because bass frequency wavelengths are much greater than any residential listening room then any one sub source will inevitably create lots of lumpy bass. Equalization can't really fix this, for the simple reason it can only work at one location. So whatever boost equalizes that one location that needed it inevitably boosts in other locations that don't. The resulting overhang from excessive energy at those locations loads the room creating muddy bass. Which people then try to damp with tube traps, a never ending process of slapping band-aids on a problem that cannot in fact ever be cured because it is inherent in the physics of waves and walls.

Duke says it better but after having read through a lot of the research and corresponded with him a fair bit now I am confident that is a pretty accurate summary of the problem.

In fact as I may already have said elsewhere this exactly matches my experience across many rooms and speakers and years, although I never really brainstormed the answer. All I knew was no matter what speaker and no matter where it went and no matter where I sat the measurements and sound never ever would be right. Of course not. Because it can't be. Not with just one or two subs.

The problem is not which subs are used. No single sub can ever get there. With four subs however suddenly it becomes easy!

That is why I've just ordered four of the  Morel Ultimate UW 1058 10" Subwoofers from Parts Express. These are some outstanding drivers and they have them right now on a hard to beat deal that gets you a quality sealed cabinet included for free! https://www.parts-express.com/morel-ultimate-uw-1058-10-subwoofer--297-130

There's plenty of MDF just sitting in my shop, right beside the table saw, and the router. But free is hard to beat. 

It'll take a while to get here, even longer to find the time to it all together (April, more'n likely- but couldn't let that deal slip by!) but then finally, finally I will have some world-class accurate smooth powerful and tuneful full range bass.

Someone will I'm sure be happy to buy my Talon Roc. You want one? Its at least as good as any of the other miracle subs people seem to think work so well.

Those Morels sure look like magnificent woofers.  I've never owned one, but have admired them greatly from afar.


The facts prove that subwoofers are not used the right way all over the world. During all audio shows, you hear the same flaws. Most subwoofers are still used without an acoustic room-correction system. Others use the measurement system which is a part of the subwoofer.

But in all these situations it is 100% impossible to get the perfect integration. When you would test the subwoofer by simply switching it on and off, the sound and stage will even prove the flaws. But people have almost no insight and knowledge in sound. So for them is it never possible to understand why it is not good.

Human beings are very easy to persuade with assumptions. They often will take lies as a given and a truth. In the world of audio, there are still many assumptions which are believed as truth. But, the sound can prove that many assumptions are chosen wrong on facts.

When you switch the subwoofer between on and off you will hear that voices and instruments will often become bigger in size. And you will hear often that the individual focus of voices and instruments will become less sharp and palpable.

You need a room correction system that can measure both the loudspeakers and subwoofer together. Then you can get the subwoofer in phase and it will understand where the loudspeakers are standing.

This will create a superior level in result and integration. We call it Stealth Low Frequencies. It will blow your F. mind. The energy is there where it is on the recording. When you sit at your chair, you will always feel the energy of the low. frequencies fully separated from the loudspeakers. It is even separate from the subwoofer. This is the Reference level in using any subwoofer.

I will not use names, but almost all subwoofers in the world are still too F.slow and use materials that are not light enough. The response of the drivers is still too slow. Timing is an essential part of all subwoofers.
JL Audio.  All the adjustments you need to perfectly integrate, a flat response that covers the notes in music (not just one!) and powerful amplifiers that get the job done.  
You can create a higher level in realism with a subwoofer in phase than any system without a subwoofer. In the past, I was never interested to use a subwoofer for stereo. But when I was able to use a room correction system that measures both loudspeakers and subwoofer together a new world opened. 

This world creates new levels in realism in sound which were not possible without the use of a subwoofer. To be honest I never thought that we could integrate a subwoofer at this level of precision.