Who and what is this BOO Audio?

Have any of you audiogoners heard anything about BOO Audio? I am wondering if anyone has heard of this company or seen any of their products? Any thoughts!
It's the same as MOO but with B.
Sounds kind of scary to me.
It's in Casper, Wyoming.
I heard they only sell equipment on Halloween.
They can be contacted by ouija board, day or night.
Preferably night.
Only gothic music will play through BOO audio. nothing else will work with it, sadly.
Do you know any source of a gothic music? I've recently went through the latest upgrades with direct to gothic decoder on my BOO-to-analogue converter.
Peter murphy is a great source of gothic music.
They hide nothing and are very transparent!
Is Dead Can Dance gothic music?
I’m thinking this is just a new audiophile term used when you ignore that “warning” about opening a piece of equipment, and are totally “shocked” at the huge amount of empty space.
i wouldn't pigeonhole dead can dance into being just gothic music. theyr'e so much more.