White Van Speakers ?

Anyone heard of this scam. I guess people go around town
and try to sell "left over from an install" products for "cents on the dollar" only to sell people junk! Seams
like it would hardly be worth the effort, but i have had
guys pull up to me in traffic and say the have nice speakers
for sale. I guess these are made in china for like 5 dollar a pair? I cant see too much harm IF you know audio and dont pay too much. I know, my local Craiglist often has unknow speaker brands pop up all the time, and if i do a google, it always goes to a web site about White Van rip-offs.

Anyone else have knowledge of this and can explain the supply chain a little more?
Yep, same people looking for the same fools. Its been happening since time eternal. The only reason it continues is people buy into it.I have to say that I have bought named speakers that aren't much better, but that's part of my learning curve.
I had a guy try to sell me a pair in about '96 in a shopping strip parking lot near Cincinnati.  I asked a guy in a pawn shop about it and he said they actually come as kits.  They're flat and need to be put together before being sold dishonestly.  
Heck, I knew a dude and his dad that basically did this back in the early 70’s. They built "Bose 901" speakers. The living room/kitchen/dining room had several dozen cabinets in various stages of build. They even had the same nasty brown and orange cover material and fake badges. I don’t know if they even started to believe their snake oil but you’d think for all the world by the way they talked that they were a Bose satellite manufacturer.

Somehow they made something of a living off of dupes buying the things for discount rates - enough to buy their beer and pizza for a week. And yes, they had a white van.

They did have the first (and maybe only when I think about it) Quadraphonic system I heard - real Pioneer gear and real Pioneer speakers. Funny how the "Bose" were only for demo purposes, not what they listened to.
At one time we carried a replacement midrange for the 901 - identical in every way except no blue cone.. we made $$$$ selling them for $5 retail, draw your own conclusions....

but we got several calls a week asking us to value White Van speakers.... always that call came after the crime...
Friend of mine has had a pair for over 25 years, still work, they even sent him replacement tweeters back in the late 90’s.

he brought them to my house years back hooked up to my then Rotel 1090, sounded just fine.

he still uses them to this day.