White noise

Can playing white or pink noise damage speakers?
No unless you overdrive the signal. You may even notice after playing for an hour or so an improvement in the sound from your speakers. I use a full sweep 10hz - 20khz cd buried in the white and pink noise. In my system the change is very minor.
i saw both in concert and i doubt they will harm your gear.
So, according to sample from this WS, freq from pink noise is lower than white noise? Raise the bar for higher,lower volume.
...and the brown noise is even lower freq !!!
Let's not forget 'black' noise,
which can be played as loud as you want!

(this is supposed to be funny ;-)
hahaha, I almost went search for it.
Has anyone just used White noise to break in their equipment? If so what were your findings? I've heard of some members who have used pink noise with good results on speaker break-in. I couldn't find much here about white noise and equipment break in. I just found the funny humor above.

Take care everyone.
Funny this thread came up as I'm using pink noise just starting today to break in my new Seas drivers. There is a harsh breakup mode at 5kHz as shown by a steep dip in frequency response as seen on my Behringer DEQ2496 when I run pink noise through the speakers. Apparently the driver stops outputting in the 5kHz area. Love the Behringer as it shows stuff nothing else does. Doesn't show up with Stereophile's 1/3 octave frequency tones. Did a little with their chromatic scales but they move so fast cannot measure to adjust the eq. Also they don't go over something like 4kHz.

I have a definitive test for improvement....my ears will stop hurting. Doubt the pink noise will do this but will give it 4 days at 8-10 hours per day. My previous experience is that nothing will fix this and I end up coating the driver with C37 violin varnish. Wish me luck as it is non-reversible and Seas Excel ain't cheap. Living on the wild side =:o)
Depends on the color of the speakers.