White Noise?

I am reunning a Classe' Ten ss amp with a Cary SLP-74 tube preamp thru a pair of Legacy Protege speakers. I recently moved my system to another wall in my den. The accoustics are actually better now, but I have acquired a "white noise" sound. Any suggestions? Thanks
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I'd suspect one of the tubes in your Cary may be the culprit. If the preamp is off with the amps on does the noise still occur? If not look to the preamp and the tubes therein. Also consider that the noise may have occured before moving the system, but changing the position in the room has attenuated it so you hear it more clearly.

Thanks, Marco. The noise is there when the preamp is on but it quites down when I switch the preamp to standby. I replaced the tube preamp with my Classe Four ss preamp and the white noise is even louder with this set up. I use a Panamax line conditioner, too. It is not so annoying to everyone else, but it is to me. You are right the new position makes everything sound more magnified.
I'm not positive, but I think the "standby" in your Cary may be the same as a "Mute" which means no signal at all is passing out of the pre to the amps. Puzzling though about the Classe SS preamp making the same noise as that eliminates a tube or tubes as the culprit. When you say "White Noise" are you talking about a hissing or 'rushing' sound, or a humming sound? I assumed it to be more a hissing/rushing sound. If it is a hum that may be as simple as a ground loop problem, where you could try floating the ground on the AC connection(s) using a cheater plug (3 prongs go in, 2 prongs come out).

Marco, the sound is more like hissing/rushing than a humming. The standby on my Cary cuts out the white noise, but the tubes are still glowing. So it must be a warmup/standby feature. Thanks for taking the time to help. -Durr