White Audio Labs B2 or A100 Amp. Opinion

Hi, has anyone owned or heard, the White Audio Labs B2, A100 or A250 Amp. Thanks
If the A100 is the amp I am thinking of, I heard it several times on several systems. I am slightly fuzzy on the details, as this was quite some time ago. It ran very hot, and sounded incredible for it's size and price. The only complaint I ever heard was that the output devices on early production runs expired fairly quickly. This was due to a very high class A bias, which also accounted for the wonderfully transparent sound. I don't know the brand and type of output device, but suggest you look into availability for replacements if you are buying one, as the company is out of business.
White Audio is now known as Llano Designs and is alive and well in Lubbock Texas still owned by Randy White. Check out their web site at llanodesigns.com
Had both of these amps. When I owned them they beat out the likes of: THRESHOLD T-50, McCORMACK DNA-100, 100 WATT CODA, PLINIUS SA-50 MK1, FORTE 7A. All of the amps mentioned were all very well revied and had great reputations. You can get the Whites from JEFFSSOUNVALUES who is selling it for a great price. I thought about re-purchasing them again.
I owned the A50 which the dealer told me actually had a sweeter charactor than the bigger models. I auditioned it against the Krell KAV300i and sold the White for the Krell because it controlled my Thiel 22s with more authority. I later missed the White because the Krell had a hard edge that wore on me. I thought the White was very good for the money but not quite the giant killer I originally believed it to be.

I own a White Audio Labs A-100. It is superior to any other solid state amp which I have owned(Muse,Belles,Musical Design). The A-100 is rated at 100wpc. I believe that it runs pure class A to about 70watts. The other amps which I have used were all rated at about the same power, however the White has excellent bass control and slam that easily betters the others. The White also throws up a three dimensional soundstage and reproduces detail without harshness. My A100 also runs relatively cool, just warm to the touch. These views are, of course, just my subjective opinion.
(Randy White is the guy to contact @www.llanodesign , he is extremely helpful.)
Can anyone tell me why my truthful experience ( I was first to reply to this post ) earned me negative votes? I gave a very positive description of this product, and made a suggestion as to the possibility of repair options, should a problem arise. This was a very positive statement for the product, and yet showed respect for the investment of an Audiogon member.
Beats me Albert. Nothing negative as far as I am concerned.
I thought that your post was very appropriate and an honest effort to provide information. I hope that you did not view my post as contradictory to yours.