White Audio Labs B2 amp...any info?

I recently purchased a White Audio Labs B2 amp that came to me with no paperwork of any kind. Info on Google is scarce. The seller told me it has 75 wpc and is a "fully Class A" circuit design. If you know this amp would you be so kind as to tell me what you can about it? Thanks!
Good of you guys to help. This is a really nice sounding amp, even if it isn't Class A. To answer Doug99's question my B2 says 360 watts on the back plate.
I imagine it would be next to impossible to find a manual for this guy but if anyone out there has one I would be happy to pay for a copy of it, or even for a spec sheet.
Again, thank you to Mofimadness, Swampwalker, and Doug 99.
You're welcome, Beemerrider. The 360 watts on the back plate may be the electrical draw @ 117 volts, not audio power output. Just a guess.
Swampwalker, here's a pic of the back of the White Audio Labs B1 amp.
It lists the wattage and voltage for the B1, B2 and B3 amps.
The wattage listed in that picture on the back of the amp is indeed "Power Consumption" not output.