White Album Deluxe Anniversary edition

Anyone else have skipping on otherwise perfectly pressed albums at the beginnings of side 1 and side 2 of the Esher Demos?
i don't generally get into these multi-disc reissues, which usually seem like unnecessary cash-ins, but this one is worthwhile--you get a very candid look at their creative process + you learn how much george martin added to the mix. john and paul were pretty good songwriters, too.
I own the CD boxed set.  Hope you are able to rectify those albums gpg4blu.
Mine do not skip on first play but I guess I will double check. Do you see warpage or cupping of the disk?
I purchased the 4 album vinyl re-issue (awaiting delivery) even though I own an original US copy. I'm not sure why I did that, since it's available on hifi streaming services such as Tidal...
Thanks acousticrat33:
Looking at the location of each skip under bright light last night, I saw no imperfections in the grooves or in the album (warpage, cupping, etc).
In fact they are otherwise beautifully pressed--perfectly flat, well centered, with nary a pop or tic. Never before have I seen anything like it. I will probably return it which I do not generally like to do as I usually try to support the vinyl industry which can be plagued with returns. But this is different.
If it's defective you should return it, you paid a good price for a perfect product.
Has anyone compared the sound and mix to the original or past remasters. Is it like Pepper worth the price of buying again?
The Esher demos were not available except as poor quality bootlegs. These are amazingly clear and throw out a realistic sound stage that seems to put the Beatles in the room with me.
Never really liked the Beatles at all even though I am from England but....

The Tidal cuts do sound pretty impressive, not sure if they would cause me to want to spring for the vinyl set though......
FWIW no skipping on my Esher demos or any disc for this extraordinary release. I also added a SUT and installed a new MC cartridge last week so I have been under a little bit of audio intoxication.
I too am experiencing skipping problems on sides 1 and 2 of the Esher Demos. There is no visible defect in the pressing.  
May I ask where you purchased yours as the defect may be in a short run of pressings? Mine was my first vinyl purchase from Amazon which was surprisingly well packed.
@twoch, not as much damage as Phil Spector! But I agree; Martin's mixes suck, the vocals far too high in the mix, the bass drum almost inaudible. Upon hearing the first album, Ringo asked "Where's me kick?" Martin recorded them like a Pop Group, not a Rock 'n' Roll Band. It got better as time went on, thankfully.
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People tend to like whatever version of an LP they grew up with, however, GM's work on SPLHCB and TWA is exemplary and restores sounds that were either buried in the mix, or bass that was rolled way off so that the LP would play nice on el cheapo record players back in the day. We're extremely lucky these projects even happened! That said, I have multiple copies of both that include Japanese pressings and MFSL releases, all in mint condition. IMO the new remixed releases blow away the originals. I'm using a SOTA Star Sapphire, Origin Live Silver arm, and Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge & preamp played on Genesis III speakers with Genesis Servo12 subs-- so fairly high resolution-- the new releases sound exceptional-- beautiful packaging and overall execution.
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The album that I purchased that is skipping on sides 1 and 2 of the Esher Demos also came from Amazon. I have not returned or notified them yet, but I plan to. 
I can't speak to the LP version, but the CD version sounds spectacular--previous masterings sound like you're listening through a tin-can phone. What you miss on Tidal (and no, I haven't done a sonic comparison yet), is the spectacular printed material that accompanies the set. Every song is thoroughly annotated in a highly engaging fashion and while maybe not for everyone, seeing reproductions of the original hand-written lyrics and magnetic tape boxes is, to me at least, fascinating. Definitely check it out if you're a big fan, but one way or another, listen to the new version. I actually teared up listening to "Julia" and I hadn't even had a glass of wine at the time.
I have found that the physical quality of new vinyl, across the board, is hit and miss. About 1 in 7 pressings, even on on 180 grams, will begin to pop and crackle after just a few plays. I have a quality cartridge, but it makes no difference. Why does this problem occur when back in the day, vinyl was pretty much 100% reliable? I have read on Audiogon and other sites that some of today’s vinyl may be recycled from older records. Hope that is just a rumor, but something is causing these defective copies. . . .
A second version from Amazon also skips in the same spot on sides 1 and 2. Goners beware. The deadwax info refers to Miles 1/2 speed Abbey Road Room 30. Maybe time for a shot at Quality Records pressing.


Much Thanks! for the update. As above, there is something causing these defects. Many of you vinyl guys have reported issues w/ these newer pressings and re-issues. Hope you receive a perfect copy soon.

Happy Listening!

Sounds absolutely stunning. Another fantastic job from Giles Martin and the gang at Abbey Road.

Unfortunately some of the Hoffman lot seem to think otherwise;.
George martin did a lot of damage
Let's get that right

George Martin was not there for much of the Album?
By some crazy coincidence I’m listening to the White Album on cassette as we speak, XDR version. Expanded dynamic range. Just great.
By some crazy coincidence I’m listening to the White Album on cassette as we speak, XDR version. Expanded dynamic range. Just great.
You really must get this new mix, it is fantastic.
Just received my third version of the White Album Deluxe Anniversary edition from Abbey Road Room 30 in the deadwax. I have not played albums through and through but the Esher Demo albums do not skip in the opening songs on any side. This set was purchased from Music Direct. Clearly the ones I purchased from Amazon were in a bad spot in the production run.

Thanks! for the update. It seems the lower serial numbers are problematic for CD, LP, alike. My CD copy is 114000. I am still working my way through 6-CDs of music.

Happy Listening!