whistling in the ears

anyone else dealing with this curse? comes and goes. in my early 50's(52.5), finaly getting a system that sounds the way i have alwayes dreamed and this f---ing whistling starts, whats next? my sight. at lease sence of smell will improve. suppose god is getting back at me for not believing in him/her. iorny at its worst.
I have it too, it's called tinnitus. It's not a disease, it's a direct result of things like noise damage, ear infections, etc. For me, according to the doc, it comes from having bad TMJ (jaw displacement/popping) plus playing in rock bands all my life. Doc has me wearing a retainer type deal at night which helps some, but it's still there.
There is no tinnitus cure, just things you can do to help reduce it. There are a few website with lots of info and treatments, surf away and see if you can determine what caused/is causing yours.
One note: William Shatner suffers from it, evidently, it drives him quite crazy. You would think it would've been Spock!
Sounds like you have a condition known as Tinnitus. Do a Google search. There's a ton of info. on it. Good luck.
I am no doctor but I think either your ear wax has thinned exposing part of your eardrum or your eardrum has a hole hence the whistling. So go see a real doctor.
You could have an ear infection that you are unaware of, tinnitus, or something else. You should see a physician, preferable an ENT specialist. I would not delay. I don't think God punishing someone with hearing loss due to a lack of belief is ironic, tragic perhaps. Good luck!
Condition is aggrivated by caffine (and especially aspirin).
It's called Tintinitus, and there is no cure. Maybe it will get better with time, maybe worse.
The noise heard is described as ringing, rustling or whistling, but, in all likelihood, what you have is tinnitus. I have suffered from tinnitus for many years. At first I believed it meant a curtailment of my interest in hi fi. It doesn't, but it is annoying. You should go to a specialist only to be sure that what you have is subjective tinnitus and not a sign of some more dangerous underlying condition. One good sign that it is only subjective tinnitus is if the noise you hear is centred in your head and not on one side only. There is no cure subjective tinnitus, but many ways to manage its effects.

Good luck.
Condition is aggrivated by being negitive.

Your problem my be that you are a negitive person, so it seems in your post.

1. whats next? my sight.

1. god is getting back at me... Bad thinking

3. iorny at its worst.

Let me suggest you stay more positive, if indeed your tend to gravite in a negitive manner. The whistling will stop and people around you will rejoice.
I have had it for 20 years...Coffee will make it worse and sometimes different things will kick it off...Just have to learn to live with it.....
there's been lots of discussion on this previously. Check the Tinnitus Thread

Perhaps you'll take comfort in the fact you have plenty of company .
Also Google will tell you plenty - but as indicated above, it's not likely to go away. I have had it for a few years (I'm your age), first noticed it when I was on a coffee drinking binge. I've since moderated my caffeine intake and it only comes on occasion now.
Glory's post is BS.....sounds like tinnitus...go see an ENT for full workup...I have it too...5 years...very common and associated with hearing loss.
good luck..I learned to live with it.
Seek good professional medical help. A'gon isn't the place to find what your looking for. For crying out loud ....
glory, and i am assuming that is from the Good book, it was me being me SARCASTIC! while i do not personally believe in "god", my statement was a joke and you need to lighten up. i certainly do not believe tradgety happens to sinners, didn't you hear "ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG".
All salicylates will aggravate (or induce) tinnitus. The absolute worst offender is Pepto-Bismol (bismuth salicylate). The last time I took it I was up all night listening to my ear singing LOUDLY (and it only knew one note)!
Best way I know of to alleviate mine is to listen to music!
Caffine certainly aggravates mine as does alchol but I am to addicted too both to quit. And I don't think GOD has anything to do with it; nice try though. As others have suggested you should see an ENT and have it checked out. Sometimes simply cleaning out your ears with a peroxide and water solution will help.
I've had a constant low level tinnitus since I had a headphone experience where I had married music I loved to some pot which I apparently loved even more. The following morning I found my volume on max and my ears on ringing.

Nothing has changed over the years except that I don't use pot. I don't consider it really serious. Just an irritation. I am fortunate enuf to be able to hear thru the ringing if I'm concentrating on something other than 'sound'. When listening to an audio system however I do need a smooth frequency - any upper frequency peakiness seems to aggrevate the ringing and drives me out of the room.

Coffee keeps me alive so I haven't tried to eliminate that habbit, besides the withdrawal pain is real. I'd hate to be seriously addicted to drugs and have to quit........
high freg hearing loss is a common cause of tinnitus--some people just have it without hearing loss --you should get it checked out by your M.D or ENT because there are some other causes that can be very serious--rich M.D.
tinnitus, 38 and I have it. Comes and goes. Me, stress brings it on. I drives me mad, especially when i'm trying to sleep. Do your research, lots of good info on this pain in the ass.
My wife suffers from this. She has found that caffeine has nothing to do with it. She says it is never a problem at home, and mainly occurs outside or in the mall and most often in summer. Her solution is a heavy over coat and a long skirt down to the ankles. ;-)
I suffered from tinitus quite horribly all of last winter. A major factor was eliminating a specific artificial sweetener from my diet. The one that comes in the pink packet ie "Sweet and Low" I swithced to "Equal"- blue packet and have improved to the point of normalcy.
I agree, I am afraid it's tinnitus, I am a sufferer and a family doctor. I also agree with much of the above comments, in particular that tiredness and stress will aggravate it, not normally caffeine and aspirin, though tinnitus is a symptom of overdoing aspirin. It is usually a corollary of aged related hearing loss, presbycusis. That in turn is related to hair cell degeneration in the cochlea. It's getting older dude. Ironical, as we become old enough to afford High end systems, we lose the ability to appreciate them.
There is little treatment I am afraid, their are rarer causes and if one sided, perhaps with deafness, it needs invetigation. Seek confirmation from an ENT specialist, but there is little treatment and less that works.
It is often the result of earlier noise exposure and I tell my kids, if you leave a gig with tinnitus, you have permanently degraded your hearing, It all adds up. If you have tinnitus, you are very vulnerable to further acoustic damage, so don't go to noisy gigs yourself or play your system at 105db's
I have suffered from tinnitus since 1984 after an especially loud concert. It never goes away but does get masked by other sounds, including music. I hate quiet rooms, especially hotel rooms, because there is no escaping the ringing.

There is a non-profit organization, the American Tinnitus Association, that publishes many articles on the various causes and ongoing research. You can learn a lot from them.
I just got tinnitus from hiking up high altitude too quickly in the Himalayas (and it was probably exacerbated by the malaria medication I have been told...stay away from that malaria medication unless it's absolutely necessary.) It got so bad I was almost suicidal so I can understand your concern. Some people use a type of hearing aid that puts out white noise to help cover up the ringing.

Fortunately after a few months mine went away but it comes back every now and then, although not as intense as originally. Doctors told me that it may go away permanently and then again, it may come back even worse.

It's truly a curse. The only thing that worsens it is alcohol...i think.
I'm 31, and despite using earplugs from 14 onward when I started playing in blues bands, I have some tinnitus, and it's gotten slightly, gradually worse. From things I've read, some of us do seem to be more vulnerable to it than others--whatever genetic quirk that is. Alcohol makes it worse for me, though just when the alcohol is in my system.

Two things I've learned recently that have helped me: the first is that magnesium, zinc and vitamin B-12 have in certain studies shown a helpful effect. I take all three daily now, and I think it helps. Evidently the inner ear has and needs high concentrations of those things, and keeping the levels up is beneficial (qualification: I'm no doctor, just an avid reader of medical studies on tinnitus). The second is that, for me, I've noticed that even brief exposure to loud or irritating sounds brings on "ear-burn" pretty quickly. For me it's worse (and happens much more quickly) with digital sources. Solution? I bought a decibel meter from Acoustic Sounds and now check my listening level when I start. Turns out 50-65 decibels is plenty loud for me most of the time, so I stick to that. It's a bit of a pain, but the peace of mind helps.

Worst in audiophile circles might be that with tinnitus you can't hear at all, or can't differentiate between X and Y because of tinnitus--it's just not true. It's an irritation most of all.
Besides the Vitamins-Supplements mentioned, A doctor once told me there was some positive results taking Niacinamide in large doses. Downside was the flushing that occurs with this Supplement. Something you might wish to look into, or mention to an ENT. Mark
My tinnitus was caused I believe by taking Prilosec many years ago when it was still perscription. I didn't even realize the relationship until I read on a site about acid reflux some people had the reaction that never went away. Years later I recently tried Protonix, another proton pump inhibitor and the next morning I woke up with the worse ringing I have ever had. I stoped after one pill. Months later it has subsided a bit, but It is now worse than it was before the recent 1 dose. I feel like suing my doctor because I told him before he wrote the scip thatI was hesitant to try this class of drugs due to my experience with Prilosec and he told me that he has never heard of tinnitus as a side effect, and I took his word. Sure enough it is listed.

Many sounds bother me, even clapping. Luckily my tube amps are about the only sounds that are fine. Solid state has a real white hash I am sensitive to, but in general my system is very laid back, natural and relaxed.
I've had tinnitus in my left ear for more than 15 years but without hearing loss except the high frequencies due to age (46). I'm a dentist and I doubt its related to TMJ problems. My suspicions are its related to shooting an m-16 without proper hearing protection during my time in the medical corp reserves (was wearing empty cartridges, don't ask where my plugs were), not from my own rifle but the guy in the foxhole on my left. The first year or two were pretty depressive but I've since learnt to live with it.
I have the same condition. It was almost to the point of keeping me awake when my GP sent me to an ENT for all of the usual tests (for padding the insurance bill, I'm sure).

His advice was, as some others have stated here, to avoid caffeine and aspirin. He also said to avoid sodium. That has proven to provide the greatest relief for me.

But just try to avoid sodium in restaurants or processed foods!
Helpful thread, thanks.
I just developed severe tinnitus and coincidently just took 14 days of Prilosec from a gastro doc.
Also, I too am 52.5 and also just finally got my dream system put together.
I am new to this hobby and have been listening lots and developing an appreciation for audiophile sound. In the NY Times article posted by Bdgregory it could be inferred that audiophiles have a greater propensity for Tinnitus.
"researchers in the United States and Europe have independently discovered that the brain areas responsible for interpreting sound and producing fearful emotions are exceptionally active in people who complain of tinnitus."
Sucks, damn ringing doesn't take a break.
I will try some of the advice here, cut back on the caffine, sugar, iboprofen and aspirin, see an ENT.
Incedently, I work with a gent who was the pres of the www.ata.org and sat on the board for years. He has suffered from tinnitus and accutitas (sp)since the 80s from playing in a rock band for many years. His is so severe he must wear earmuffs when traveling in the car. It apparently can keep getting worse if caution is not heeded.
don't be discouraged. If cared for properly,it will subside... It may be a long time though

I have both tinnitus and eharing loss from years of playing live shows and recording at ear splitting volumes. It is a lot better now that I don't tour. My only encouragementto you is that it can get better and cutting out caffeine, nicotine tec., will help. Also try taking ginko to improve the blodflow and sometimes going to an oesteopath can help if you get your neck worked on.

The brain compensates well for these things, surprisingly enough. I have my job making records in spite of these issues and Ido not think it clouds my audio judgement.

In terms of it being annoying, i can only suggest trying these things. All osrts of things affect hearing. TMJ is a big cause too.
I get this from time to time. Maybe a few times a year. It usually is in one ear or the other and only lasts for 10 or 15 seconds. Most likely for me it was caused when I used to spend a lot of time around race cars. One of the ways we could tell the motor was tuned properly was by the ear tingles we'd get when the rpms would hit about 9K.
If you actually do have tinnitus it is a chronic condition, usually the result of acoustic trauma - time around artillery or on a flight line without hearing protection. It is permanent damage and does not go away. It may get worse but it won't get better. However, if you have a whistling or ringing every now and then, you don't have what is generally referred to as tinnitus. Most people experience this from time to time - can result from any number of causes - head cold, too much caffiene etc. Good news is - whether you have the chronic condition or not, you don't have to do anything about it. Of interest, I noticed recently that Peter Townsend of the Who runs an add for a tinnitus/hearing protection organization (sounded like a nonprofit) - saw this in the back of sound on sound I beleive it was - a mag for audio engineers etc. He attributes it to the slightly high volumes experienced during his musical career - but hey it beats having what Keith Moon had.