Whirring sound in Scoutmaster motor normal?


I purchased a used Scoutmaster turntable and am setting it up. Is a whirring sound from the motor normal? I can just barely hear it when I stand with my head about 2 ft. from the motor, but if I put my ear near the motor it is clearly audible. Is this normal? There is also a "tisking" sound that happens at approximately .5 second intervals but varies in loudness. Could that be something on the belt?

Any recommendations for lubricant for platter bearing?

Thanks, Drew Harty
Don't know which motor you have. If it is the 600rpm motor, it is normal to have some whirring noise but it shouldn't be too loud, it might need to be lubricated. If you have the 300rpm motor, you shouldn't hear any noise unless your ear is only a couple of inches from it.

The ticking sound might be from a knot on the rubber belt.

Use white lithium grease to lubricate platter bearing. I bought mine from Lowes.
It came in a tube.
I haven't heard either of these, try the above and if that doesn't work call VPI.
Call VPI. I hear no noise at all...dead silence. When it was new there was a ticking sound...I lubed the brass plate with some thin oil VPI sent to me. There is thicker grease which Harry said was a new product which is to be used on the main bearing of the platter..not lithium grease.
I agree with the above Drew. The motor (when new out of the box) takes a few days to lose a whirring sound but then should be dead silent unless year ear is practically up against the motor chassis. Any flapping or clicking sound from the belt should be only when starting up the motor. Once at stable speed, no ticking sound should be coming from the rubber belt. I would call VPI and ask to speak to Mike.
I don't have a scout but when I had a Vpi HW 19 Mk4 if I didn't align the motor to the platter correctly I would here the belt moving up and down on the platter. Bugged the sh.. out of me.
He bought it used, ladies and gentlemen. Break-in shouldn't be an issue, lack of lubrication is. But for the peace of mind, calling VPI will be prudent.
Thanks for the input. I called VPI and talked to Mike. He identified the motor as a 300 RPM unit because of the size of the pulley, then asked me to see if there was any vertical play in the pulley shaft. There wasn't, so he suggested a couple of drops of oil and to let the motor run over night spinning the platter. After a couple of hours, the whirring sound as gone away. Mike said the pulley shaft or bearing will dry out and need lubricating. He suggested LubriMatic white lithium grease from Home Depot for the platter bearing.

Drew Harty