Whining screen on ARC Reference 3

Hello all
i received my new pre-owned ref3.
i had one a long time ago and missed it :)
the unit makes a high pitched whine, in the screen precisely...
i don’t remember my previous unit doing the same.
If i switch the screen  off, no more noise but i doubt this is normal.
i have seen some people having the same issue, but at the time they’ve posted their ref3 were brand new.
no noise at all in the speakers, just the screen
Sounds like a display power supply, as mentioned, send it into ARC.
 I doubt it can be fix d locally. One other possibility is the display itself. One thought is, as you dim the display does the noise diminish at the same rate? Either way I think sending it in is the best solution.
Question for REF 5 owners , do you have the same noisy display problem as the REF 3 ?