Whick system is better for 70K retail?

I was thinking of "ideal" systems for 70K retail and came up with these two:

1) EMM Labs DCC2/CDSD (20K) --> Lamm ML2.1 (30K) --> Avantgarde Duo (20K)

2) Audio Aero Capitole (8.5K) --> Conrad Johnson 17ls (4.5K) --> CAT JL-2 (12K) --> Wilson Maxx II (45K)

Assuming you have good power to them with good cables in a good room, I'm really not sure which one would be better. I have heard the first one at a dealer and it was incredible, the second one is just imagination. Any thoughts? Anyone lucky enough to own one of these?
Initial impressions would lead me to believe that both are capable of really delivering music. But, I think in that price range, it is totally a matter of personal taste. I have not been lucky enough to own either
Not to ignite any sectarian strife here, but what a colossal waste of money if the system will not feature a turntable.
I don't know, I figure if you don't have LP's already it's best just to stay with digital. The first system with EMM has SACD ability.
Ok I'll bite...I'd lean towards system number one, BUT, I would go with the M1.2 or M2.2 and put the extra 10k into the Kharma sub. Factor in a few more bucks to wire it with Kubala Sosna cables and you've got a system to retire with. By the way I've heard this system at CES and thought it was one of the best in the show. Better than the big Kharma's and ML2.1s in my opinion.

I must admit I've never hear CAT amps and have limited experience with CJ.
Dlwask, I assume you mean to also switch the Avantgarde Duo's with Kharma 3.2RMe right? I'm not sure the Kharma sub would be much with the Duo's....I know the show setup you mean and it is very good.
Personally I don't think the CJ 17Ls is capable of truly world class sound. I think if you could find a few more bucks to get a better pre than the 17Ls is would be a major improvment. The Capitole can run direct, but should sound better through a top level pre such as CJ ACT 2 or VTL 7.5. It might be thought to forget the pre altogether and go with some really great racks like Grand Prix and some nice power cords, might get you futher in sound than using a pre with the Capitole.
I don't know, but the Avantgarde's looks so good, that if I am going to spend a Porche on them, I would go with those.
Which ever you choose include a c-j pre like 17LS/LS2 or ACT2. Delivers the musical goods! For a cd player try a Linn Unidisk 1.1.

Good Luck!*>)
Leaning toward the second option,with a different preamp.Maybe the First Sound or Placette active.Not overly inspired with the CJ offerings,seem to be rooted in the past {golden sound} and lacking the last word in transparency.Might consider that SACD is still in its' infancy,you can afford to wait.It's easier to deal with adults or a least young ones.Just a thought.
Delancy, yes you are correct. I intended to state that I would swap the Duo's for the Kharma 3.2's.
For the same price or near it on Audiogon you can get C-J's Premier 16 LSII which was a mini-ART and far superior to the 17, Having said that, the only reason to go with the first is fewer components and easier matching IMHO
I'd prefer the second system with a CAT SL-1 preamp replacing the C-J.

Both the EMM and Duos are too overrated (actually, I think that they sound real bad).
I would take the system 1. with Emm labs and ML2.1. the Emm labs digital is as good as you can get, so does the ML2.1(in my opinion). I think vintage speaker like JBL or Tannoy would match with ML2.1 perfectly. Base on my experience at HE2005's Lamm room.