Which XLR interconnect for spectral gear

I have a spectral dmc 30 preamp and DMA 360 monoblocks.
I am looking for opinions on a good XLR IC. The runs are about 20 feet long.
I have to say that I am uncomfortable with the whole MIT/spectral union that extends even to the warranty so I am interested with what others have used.
Rest of system: Avalon eidolons, theta digitals

I have the same gear as you do as part of my setup. I have used the Nordost top of the line to good effect in the balanced input side but finally settled for the MIT stuff for the rest after all. I found it gave the best musical synergy with the rest of my gear. My speakers are big electrostats.
One of my friends has all spectral gear. He too found that using top shelf MIT cables for pre->amp & speaker worked wonders. According to him and several magazine articles I have read, the spectral gear is specifically engineered to work with MIT. He even commented that some cables could actually damage the amp/preamp. His system sounds awesome with MIT. Definitely the spectral sound - extremely detailed and three dimensional. He uses virgo's. I loaned him an spm interconnect to use upstream and he said that worked quite well.
so which mit cable did all of you use for the interconnect? the 350 reference or the 350 evo or the spectral/mit 350 ultralinear?
Fellas, dont forget, with Spectral, the RCA & XLR I/Os are wired to the PC board with MIT cable. This is a dream come true for audiophiles. Running MI-350 (personally the best wire I have ever heard ),is a glove match with Spectral. The designer utilized the entire MIT philosophy from input to output. Tampering with different ICs, seems foolish, and defeats the design goals Keith Johnson set out to achieve in the first place. BTW, Spectral pooh poohed balanced lines for years insisting single ended gave better sound.
Detlof, tell me, is that DMA-360 the best SS amp you have ever heard? My guess is that it is...Thanks......Frank
Which 350!!!!

btw, spectral still pooh poohs balanced as I just spoke to them today. On their own website they have a review of the 360's which seems to say that balanced are the way to go.

350 EVO ic's and V2's for the speakers. Regards
Oh Frank, yes it is ....and by a margin !Cheers
JD, I only am familiar with the original issue MI-350 from a few years ago. If the new ones are better I can't say, but if Detlof says 350 EVO, than I would listen to him. His ears are Quad conditioned (speakers) and I am sure he has it right. Good luck........Frank
great thanks all