Which would you recommend?

The Luxman D-10X CD/SACD player or the dCS Rossini Player (not the separate transport and DAC).


Oh, and why, please?


I would recommend asking this question of the Audio Afficianado forum. This is average equipment with folks on this site. Good folks with really high end systems. 

Thanks @ghdprentice. After being here and Audio Asylum for 21 yrs I'm feeling somewhat lost or out of place. I have been looking for a new hangout. I'll check out AA

ghdprentice, do I understand your reply correctly that these two disc players are too "average, low-end" for this site?  



No they are “high-end”. Audiogon has a very wide range of users. Some have inexpensive equipment and little experience, some high end systems and lots of experience, and everything in between. Some folks are interested in voicing their bias, some do not reveal enough in a post to allow a reader to figure out where they are coming from. Then some folks are highly experienced and can give very good advise.


On the AA forum, I am guessing the average number of years of audio experience is 40 and the average system cost probably $100K. So, ask questions about high end equipment there you will find a lot of folks that own that equipment and have experience evaluating it. Also, the language to relate their knowledge.

@rpeluso  audioshark.org site is also an excellent site for well rounded advice on the players you mentioned.



These are 2 sweet spinners. Which 1 did you choose?


Happy Listening!