Which would you prefer ATI 2505 vs Cary Cinema 5

Jan 11, 2010
For mixed music and movie use which amp would you prefer if can only have one and had to live with that one long term?:
Cary Cinema 5 200w/channelx5 RCA and balanced output vs ATI 2505 250w/channelx5 RCA only. The ATI used can be had used for about half the price of the Cary used.
Compare overall quality and usefulness as an overall amp.
Many thank fellow AudiogoNers.
Since I wouldn't want to rewire my home or future homes, I would pick the Cary.

The ATI 2505 is a wonderful amp but it requires a dedicated 20 amp power circuit. That's not standard in any home I've ever seen, so if you go the ATI route, plan on hiring an electrician and hoping he can snake a 12 guage wire to where you want to power the amp.
I have the smaller (100w) Cary 7B and highly recommend these amps. Very musical, I was very impressed. My comparison is a Krell 400Xi
The ATI AT2505 does not need a "dedicated" 20 amp circuit. It should be used with a 20 Amp circuit and most homes built within the last 25 years probably already have them.
AMike: Most homes are built with AWG 14 wire which is rated for 15 amps. 14 gauge and 15 amp circuits IS current code (2005 NEC).

However, it's easy to check what you have: just look in one's circuit breaker box and see what the rating is on each circuit. If it was installed legally by a licensed electrician, the circuit breaker will be the rated amperage that that the wire can handle.

Upgrading from 15A to 20A is not just a switch of circuit breakers. NEVER UPGRADE A CIRCUIT BREAKER WITHOUT VERIFYING THAT THE WIRE IS RATED FOR THE AMPERAGE.

I meant that the 20Amp circuit should be dedicated to your Home Theater. I would not want other power drawing items such as outdoor lights, ceiling lights, etc. on that circuit. I'm not sure what the current draw is for a 2505 so you might be able to share some low power devices...but I'm not sure I'd try to share that 20A circuit with a plasma TV or a powered subwoofer.

However, if one insists on finding a way to shoehorn a 2505 in, you could probably put a 20a receptacle on a 15 amp line (so you can physically plug a 20A plug in). If it draws more than 15A, your circuit breaker would (or should) trip (dont be surprised if it does). This is far far safer than replacing a circuit breaker on undersized wire.