which would you choose

I have a Logitech squeezebox ,do I go for a dac to add to the squeezebox or get another streamer with a great dac inside.Or something else ive not thought of.
For your Squeezebox, you could get a good quality DAC, like an Ayre Codex for a bit more than $1k, or a Schiit Bifrost Multibit for $400 (both used).
Or, you can buy a Bluesound Node or Node 2.
The Bluesound has a decent (not great DAC), but it is inexpensive and it streams well, and you can add a better DAC if you should like in the future.
I use a Logitech Touch into an Ayre Codex with excellent results.  Roon is my software, but LMS works well also.
I use my SB Touch with a Luxman DA-06 DAC. Sounds great even with the free, low rez version of Pandora.
+1 for the bluesound - it really "ups its game" when you treat it to some good/great power and IC cables.

I sold my Bifrost/V-link192 combo once I bought the Bluesound. The improvements were very noticeable.

The software is great and it prompts to download new versons as they come available - it is a nice interface, but for creating Playlists - the Windows version of the software is better.

Regards - Steve


Thanks for the reponse guys i will check them out.
Another vote for Bluesound Node 2.