Which would you choose?

I have choice to make, and I can't decide. The Sequels are there only because they are so much cheaper. I don't think I could go wrong not matter what I choose.

Paradigm S4's
Martin Logan Sequels for $1200 (6 years old)
Martin Logan Aeon
Martin Logan Accent?

They will be powered by a B&K ST 125.2, PT5, and in a room that is 30X25. Stereo music is their purpose, not HT. A sub would not currently be part of the system.
What, is it about the Martin Logans you like? VS. Quads, Maggies, or for my money and I've personally owned all of these. The Apogee's, I think will still out perform Any of the ML's. Something to look into before you spend the $... Also, the electro's perfer TOOBS for Amp's and pre-'s
I have had serious thoughts about elctro/planar speakers, it seems ML can be over rated, as far as I have gathered, but then again I heard them at low levels and liked them and people do praise them, check out martinloganowners.com
I think that is website
Magnepa 1.6's is also another one should consider.

The bass driver and the electrostati panels on the sequels do not match up very well and that should be more like 10+ years old (they made those in 1989 when I bought my Magnepan IIIa's)
I agree with Mang53. I would add Innersound Eros to the mix.
If you can find a set of Eros Mk2 or 3 you should give them a try. The new replacement for the Eros called Kaya runs 20k.

If you have the space, I much prefer the Ascent to the Aeon. It is worth the price difference. A used pair of Sequels is certainly the bargain of the Martin Logan group, but it has been too long since I've heard them to make a direct comparison to the other two. I haven't heard anything by Paradigm in a long, long time.

I'd take the Paradigms just because I don't like any of the other options. I'm not an ML fan, never heard one that I liked.
For your size of room I would recommend the Ascent.

If all your upstream components are good full range Planars (Apogee, Maggies) or Electrostats (Quads, Soundlabs) let the music through.
For example play the cd from Sara K listening with the song "Whipping Post" your brain/ear will sense a person is playing the guitar. Low to mid price dynamic speakers portray this same event as if the guitar is machine generated albiet with a bit more dynamics. But the increase dynamics are mechanical not natural.

If only one day we can combine the strengths of Planars/Electro with the strengths of top shelf dynamic/horn speakers!:)
For me, I not sure what exactly it is, but to my ear, the ML just had a wonderful sound. I'll definately try and take a look at the Quads, Maggies, and Eros but competent dealers in my area are a little tough to find, most of them are out gouging on speakers that don't compare or just don't carry quality speakers, so my chances to listin to the others is a major limiting problem, let alone comparing them. I've seen them at the conventions, but obviously those are far from the ideal listening enviroment.

The biggest reason my choices came down to Paradigm vs. ML is the one dealer within reasonable distance (90 mins) that I trust, carry those as their top of the lines.

Another question, I know the S4 are best with a sub, but what about the Accents and other speakers mentioned?

Thanks for your thought -- JD
Hello Jd1319.
Rather than give your more speaker suggestions when you didn't ask for that to begin with, I'll add my two cents, and I agree with you on the ML's (hint - look at my system).
As that's a pretty good sized room, about the same as mine, I'll agree with Kw6 and be a bit concerned as to whether an Aeon would fill it up with sound. If you're going to play it loud they may be straining. Don't know what Aeons go for now, but you may want to consider the SL3, if $1600-1700 is in your range.
Regarding subs, I'd use one with an Aeon, but it shouldn't be necessary with a SL3 or an Ascent for music.
A Paradigm and a Logan are quite different beasts, and sound very different, so depending on you music tastes, volume,room acoustics etc. it shouldn't be difficult to decide what you want.
As for INNERSOUND, only 12-18 inches of sweet spot, might feel like your a bit too confined
I loved the Ascent's when I owned them, the guy I sold them to is enjoying them as well. Give them a listen at the very least, you could very well find the speaker you've been dreaming about. They are very capable loudspeakers.
Thanks for the thoughts on the Aeon not filling the room, that was a concern of mine, and another reason why I was contemplating them over the Paradigms, while the S4's are nice, they are small for a room that size. While I do enjoy the paradigm sound (My HT is paradigm studio's, and my living does have S4's), because of the dynamics of the game room, and the fact the ML sound appealed, I figured why not consider them.

I'm not really worried about the sweet spot, since the room has a oversized 8 foot pool table, 14 foot craps table, weight set, and soon a poker table. It's not a room where I sit in just one spot to listen, but I love good clean quality music when I'm relaxing. I do like to crank it up, but when I do with the current towers I have in the room, I rarely go above 90 decibles. Normally loud for me is in the upper 70's low 80's. The Acents are at the very top of the price range I'm considering, I could do a sub with the other options, but the Acents would probably eliminate the sub for a while.

Now I just got to find a dealer that stocks the acents, my biggest problem, being in smalltown USA, my dealers don't stock much of the upper end stuff. They stop at the Aeon's and Paradigm Studios, which makes my comparing what I want tough.

Thanks again