Which would be better in my system?

My system:
Speakers: Sound Labs M-1 Electrostatics
Sub: (not always hooked up) Velodyne DD-18
Amps: Parasound Halo JC-1's
Source: Audio Aero Capitole MK II SE CD player

My Tastes in music: Everything except Rap

My Question: I've read just about every posting on the Aesthetix Callisto Mk II Signature With one supply, the First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 Mk II with Paramount upgrade and finally the Supratek Cabernet. In your opinion, which would be best suited for my system and why? Also does anyone know the output impedance of these three preamps? The input imedance of the JC 1's are 100k for balanced and 50k unbalanced.
Well, the output impedance of the First Sound pre-amps is in the 1200-Ohm range. There should be no problem driving the Halo JC-1. Will you use long interconnect between the pre' and pwr amps?

I can heartily recommend the First Sound 4.0 with Paramount upgrade. I have just that model with a twist; I opted for the “Paramount *Plus*” upgrade. The 4.0 with P Plus upg just might fall in the knee of the price : performance ratio curve in the line up.

I have no direct experience in my system with either of the other two pre-amps. (I am familiar with the related Aesthetix Io phono stage, though (with a line input, as a friend of mine has one.)

In the case of the First Sound in relationship to the others, it has the fewest tubes and probably the simplest circuit. Sound quality is the primary factor, of course, but ease of maintenance, tube compliment, heat, and size also may enter into your decision process. The Aesthetix is huge with more tubes in it than any other pre that I know of, and gives off a lot of heat. The looks of the Supratek is more striking than the First Sound. It too has many more tubes than the FS.

Simplicity also seems to correlate to the First Sound pre-amps having a direct, pure, dynamic, open quality. The First Sound preamps bring to bare the axiom of less is more. The signal is not hyped; the noise floor is dropped. The result is a stunning, alive, presentation that has a presence and purity that becomes addictive.

Good luck on your quest.