Which would be a better surround processor.

I am going to refigure my older system with some newer equipment ,I have had a 15 year acurus act 3 that I have not played for a while, due to some hearing issues but am going to get back into home theater again. I recently aquired a rotel 1068 and wondering which one would be better just for sound quality and decoding in surround.
Please don't take this the wrong way. I am sure in their day, they were both fine processors. But they do not have HDMI nor will they decode the latest Lossless formats - Dolby True HD and DTS Master. So I would say use the one that at least has 5.1 or 7.1 multi channel inputs so you can use the lossless decoders from a Blu-ray player - assuming you are using this as a source. You don't mention.

Since you are updating, you may want to consider a current processor with the latest decoders. They do sound spectacular and a single HDMI cables can replace 7 RCA interconnects. Hope this helps.
I agree about lossless codecs, but I've found I prefer analog output from my Oppo BDP-105, and if the 8 cables are bundled they are not the mess I envisioned. I also have 2 XLR cables for stereo.

The BDP-105 with its HDMI and asynchronous USB inputs can perform most of the functions of a processor, e.g. speaker configuration and so forth. It applies its excellent audio and video processing to those inputs. You can use HDMI or analog output from the 105, but if you use HDMI, a 103 without the high quality analog processing is more cost effective. OP may not need a new processor.

Thats assuming he has an Oppo 105 Dbphd. Or any BDP with built in decoders and multi-channel analog outputs. We do not even know what he has for a source. He doesn't tell us.

Since he asked about two now fairly obsolete pre/pros and which to use, I suggested he use the one with multi-channel analog inputs IN CASE he has a Blu-ray player with a full set of analog outputs to enjoy the lossless codecs.

So only under these circumstances, he would not need a new pre/pro. If he is even interested in the new lossless formats. Maybe he is not.

I was suggesting OP might use something like an Oppo 105 rather than a processor if his setup is simple enough to be accommodated by single HDMI and asynchronous USB inputs. The last sentence in my previous post may have been clearer had I deleted "new." I was suggesting going from the 105 directly to the amps.

I take stereo and 7.1 analog from a 105 to inputs of a Cary Cinema 11a that are set to bypass. I use the volume control of the Cary and set the volume of the Oppo to fixed. If I used the volume control of the Oppo and did not have runs to the amps long enough to warrant balanced cables, I could bypass the Cary altogether. But my LCR amps sit between the LR speakers and below the projection screen. I bundle and label the 8 RCA cables to make a tidy package. The stereo XLR cables are not bundled.

Sorry it took so long for a thank you response. I have decided to go with my rotel 7.1 and buy a oppo 103 and use cables to my processor since it does not have hdmi. I will only be using this for home theater use.
@Wynnroulette, you may very well find the analogue in the Rotel better than the 103 and just feed the HDMI from the oppo to tv. I found the analogue far better in my Emotiva UMC-200 than the Oppo 105. Increased dynamics, more neutral highs, and a layed back sound - meaning not forward sounding.
"I found the analogue far better in my Emotiva UMC-200 than the Oppo 105. Increased dynamics, more neutral highs, and a layed back sound - meaning not forward sounding." Bacardi sure is pushing this hard. I must have read this on a half dozen posts at various sites.

@Dbphd, I am making it obvious as to my opinion that for a $1300 + dollar BDP-universal player, the $600 dollar Emotiva UMC-200 has far better sound quality in the analogue department. It is what it is.....some good friends with real revealing systems have said the same.
Please don't take this the wrong way..but Dolby Dig, DTS, Dolby HD and DTS Master audio (multi channel, 2 ch, or otherwise), are dynamically no match through the analog outputs of the Oppo vs a quality outboard Digital processor! Simply lose dynamics, slam and inpact by ditching the outboard processing! Call it the addition gain from the pre-pro, better output from the analog connections, whatever. Either way, If I could get away from my receiver or pre/pro for blu-ray movies, I would!
I simply don't know what some of these audiophile purists are thinking, but it must be that they feel they get some added air, or transparency to certain aspects of the sound. But, beyond that, it's not the last word, by any means, going analog out of the disc player, and ditching the external processing (instead of the internal in the Blu-ray player, analog out to some amplifier)!
I dare anyone to compare even standad Dolby Digital out of their oppo, vs the dynamics and slam this gentleman got going through the Acurus Act 3!
I used to own the Act 3, and there was nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) that trumped the dynamics and impact that came from that piece! And I tried plenty of DVD player's direct analog outputs, as well as Kell HTS, Aragon Soundstage, Macintosh MC130, and others. The Act 3 was a dynamics champ!
Anyway, yes, I ultimately ended up ditching the Act 3 (upgraded to 7.1, mind you) cuase I knew Master audio was coming. The rotel stuff was also actually pretty strong dynamics-wise. But I liked the neutral, more musical sound of the Acurus. Not last word in detail and refinement, by any means, but a way overachiever for the $2k new.
Unfortnately, there's no EQ, no updated codecs, no HDMI, video scaling, etc, in those units. So you just gotta move in, me thinks.
Even my Oppo 83 sounds better via the multi channel analog out vs. using HDMI and having my Denon do the processing.

For two channel I use the left/right annalog outs on the OPPO to a small tube amp then to the Denon and things get better yet.