Which works/sounds best, PS audio 300 or PwrCo 400

I own a PS qudio P300, and plug my gear into it, pluging my high current amp dirrectly into wall. I get inconsistent sound quality at night, when power in the building goes up. I think it's an amp problem situation, as it sounds great in the day! I would sonsider getting a bigger PS audio 600 or 1200, and pluging my amp dirrectly into that instead, which might fix the problem, and stabalize my sound for consistacy.
However, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Power Company 400's and the PS audio both!..at different times that is. I was wondering if I would get better results by getting 2 PC400's and daisychaining em, and plugging my gear into that, while plugging my amp into the wall like I have it now???. Any comments?...exprience?...suggestions?...recommendations? I don't want to sell off my P300 just yet
Richard Gray has an audition program through their dealer network. They are 'supposed' to let you borrow one. However, my local Barrett's store wanted me to 'buy' one 30 day risk free. I bet if I e-mail Richard Gray that would be squared away in no time...

Anyway, they did give me an in-store demo. It was a HDTV with a very cheap (and ugly) M&K mini satellite system. Under those conditions the picture and sound did improve: Picture had more depth (it was a no brainer) and vivid image. The sound became smoother and more defined.

I am still considering it as a viable alternative for my system. This thing is made in USA by Chicago Transformer Co. You could audition one through a dealer or buy a used one and if you don't like it just sell it for what you bought it for. You have not much to loose...
Something you might consider. I had everything plugged into a Tice Power Block 3 (my CJ Premier l2s sound substantially better into the Tice than into the wall). Then I got a PS Audio 300 for front end gear, which substantially improved on the Tice. But the Tice is a good unit and they're going used for $800 or so (orig. price was $l500) and it also handles my other two power amps, for back channel and subwoofer, which would take a monster PS Audio unit to acommodate. Just a thought. Good luck, Dave
Look into placing a "Voltage Stabilizer" in between the wall and the PSA. CinePro makes one, as well as countless others. I mention CinePro because I just bought a PowerPro 20 and am very impressed with its performance and build quality.

Maybe even a PSA "Ultimate Outlet" would do the trick, but I'm a little skeptical of the "balun" theory they employ. I am just ignorant of the technical aspect of it I guess.

My latest noise control tool is a used ONEAC 3000W isolation transformer (220V in/ 110V out). It has a patented "virtual ground" feature, so it's like having a 220V dedicated line with a step down and isolation transformer plus its own dedicated ground! It has made a great difference in my system--especially because I live in a fifth floor...This beast weighs close to 80 lbs! There's no compression, loss of dynamics nor PRaT. Simple and effective.