Which will make the most impact, Tube amp or pre..

I am mostly satisfied with my system but have always wondered if tube power would make my Silverline Sonatas sing even prettier. I have considered an 8 wpc SET amp. However I have been told by some that the biggest difference was made by a tube preamp. I know the conventional wisdom for a hybrid system is a tube preamp with solid state amp. Adding a tube amp would be opposite from standard thought but I am very happy with my SS preamp. But then again I did not think a good preamp was supposed to "color" the signal. So why does a tube preamp make more impact if this is true? I am skeptical but I may be wrong. Will the SET amp make a big difference. My system is listed if you need reference. Thanks
People ussually go for the tube preamp with the SS amp for the benefit of getting tube magic from the pre and keeping the control and power of the SS amp. I would also add that in a perfect world it always better to audition in your system first, if possible.
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I think it's just the Fad, right now? Adding a tube-pre, w/ a SS amp, this combo is to add tube warmth. I'm about to give it a shot next week & jump aboard the trend, adding a BAT VK-3i to a Bryston 4B-ST in one of my systems. Just look at all the Mods for sacd/cdp's w/ tube stages happening today. Will 8 wpc SET be enough to make the Silverline's sing?
I run a tube pre and SS mono's and I like the combo very much. I had and OTL Atma-sphere S-30 for a bit and it was slightly better in the mids and top-end, but it lacked the bass control of the SS amps.

After looking at your system you might consider trying a hybrid amp like Blue Circle. Most tube amps won't match the bass from your CJ, but the mids and top-end should be better.

Looks like you need a full function preamp for all your needs. This makes the pre-amp is a more difficult choice for experiment. If you like what a hybrid does, then you know which direction you need to go with your 2Ch.

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Audiobugged, Silverline demo's these speakers with an 8 wpc SET. At least this is my understanding. Supposedly they are voiced to a 300B SET
According to the claimed 93db/watt efficiency rating of the Sonata speakers, the peak SPL at max power with an 8 watt amp would be 102db at 1 meter. Most amps have some degree of headroom, so you would likely be able to get maybe 104db peaks. I think this is plenty loud, but some people may differ. A good quality 300B SET should do fine with those speakers, in my opinion.

I think the one of the main reasons for using tubes is to eliminate the grain of solid state. If you just go part-way into tubes, you still have the grain of whatever SS unit you have in there. Some are better than others, but true tube-freaks swear they can hear the presence of one transistor in the circuit.

If you try a tube amp or pre, and you like what you get, then go tube all the way with your next component. I was a SS guy most of my life until I decided to try tubes. Now you couldn't give me a SS amp or preamp. I think they are better in nearly every way, in most applications. The beauty of high efficiency speakers is the ability to use a low power amp with lots of detail and delicacy and transparency. You should maximize that by using an amp that can give those qualities.

I'd recommend a used David Berning "Siegfried" 300B or 811 SET ZOTL power amp, and then get a good tube preamp ASAP. I use a Berning SET ZOTL and I guarantee you it is a totally killer amp. It is the only amp in the world that can provide true SET topology with OTL configuration. The best of both worlds. Jaw-dropping would be a good description. The only caveat is that it is extremely revealing, and will quickly let you know where the other problems in your system lie. However, I consider this a strength and not a weakness. You just have to have a front end that can stand the scrutiny of a completely revealing system.