which way to go in ht yet still have a good 2 ch

I am currently looking to buy a processor, but only want to spend about $1500-1800. A local Hi/Fi store is selling the B & K Ref 50 for about $1800. I have also been looking at used lexicon MC-1 and Classe SSp MK11. I like the REF 50 because it is new, however I want the better for my system. Has anyone tested these and what did they find works and sounds best? I have a Classe CAV 150 amp with Dynaudio A82's, 42's and C122.
I would look at and compare a Proceed AVP in this mix as well. It is a Solid performer in home theater and 2 channel.
EZ to set up and even easier to use.
I found myself in the same boat, and ended up with a Rotel RSP-1066 for just under $1,500. I was able to audition it head to head against both of Krell's HT pre/pros, and the Rotel definitely acquitted itself well, especially considering the price difference. Sure, both Krells were a little more musical, a little more involving, but for the money, the RSP-1066 came darn close. I am very happy with it for 2-channel, BTW.

I was in a similar state as you just three weeks ago. When B&K lowered the price on the Ref50, it was a no brainer. I'm running Krell amps with full range Thiel speakers for the front three and a Parasound amp with Merlin full range speakers for the surrounds. I also just got the Marantz
universal player DV-8400. I recommend the Ref 50. For the
price/performance ratio, it can't be beat! I was in the hunt (all top end pre/pros) for the Lexicon, Classe, Rotel, Anthem, Krell showcase, etc. Now, I sit back and enjoy my music like never before in both discrete and matrixed surround. Needless to say, with your nice amp and speaker set-up, your player needs to match in terms of performance. I highly recommend the Marantz DV-8400. If it's shiny and 5" in diameter, no matter what type of medium, it will play it cleanly. I was about to get the Denon 2900 instead, but the Marantz was much better for audio. Good luck in your pursuit...
Of the few units you mentioned, I would choose the Classe SSP, especially considering two channel performance. You might find some added synergy with the Classe amp paired with the Classe pre/pro.

Some others to consider that offer top two-channel performance are EAD, Bryston, and Krell.
why not do two channel home theatre?

anyone that's visited my room never complained about missing back speakers? more has a tendency to smear